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According to a source close to Your Ely this week we experienced a full moon on two evenings and if you are of a sensory astronomical nature then apparently we are leaving behind a time of doom and gloom and mayhem for better prospects ahead!

It is of a course a Bank Holiday so watch out for the inclement weather. Watch out also for the forthcoming artistic magic at Tindalls on Saturday 31st August when Natasha Day will be demonstrating the versatility of acrylic paint as a medium at a workshop to be held between the hours of 10.00am and 4.00pm. Come along and be inspired as Natasha will also be offering hints and tips on this beautiful medium!

It appears we have a star of a different kind within our midst when Amanda Freeman (sales negotiator) from David Clark was interviewed for BBC TV News by Reeta Chakrabarti on the impact of the new Governor at the Bank of England’s statement regarding low mortgage rates. Good to see Ely reaching out to the world via a national feature.

The Sew Much To Do team have recently been to the Festival of Quilts which to the uninitiated is Europe’s largest and most inspiring patchwork and quilting event with over 700 quilts. The team returned very inspired and one of their customers quite star struck as she met Ann Rowley the winner of The Great British Sewing Bee.

It would be remiss of us not to give‘starry’ congratulations to all our friends at Lancaster Lodge on the celebration of their first 6 months. Well done to Claire, John and the team for creating such a popular, much needed and successful nursery in Ely!

Nature is a powerful force and one which is not immediately associated with the financial world however, those monetary wizards at Price Bailey have redefined how people look at the magical world of accountancy in the design of their latest on line company brochure which boldly states, “Nature; powerful, complex, random and frightening but take a closer look and things become clearer. Patterns emerge and the harmony of the natural world is revealed” . They go on to reveal that “it is second nature to their experts to reveal the harmony of the financial world.” Pretty prophetic stuff; isn’t the magical, mystical world of accountancy fantastic and here’s me thinking it was all a load of profit and loss!

And finally......regular readers might recall a mention of a bird nesting on top of the traffic lights outside Ely Computers shop. Our ‘Summerwatch’ update tells us there is always one bird on the nest whilst a lot of comings and goings on regarding food is taking place but, there again those ornithologists among you would know that, wouldn’t you?