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Amazing things have been happening at the back of my house! I will keep it clean as one doesn’t wish to upset the equilibrium that is Ely. Those of you who regularly read this news (all 3 of you, you know who you are!!) will recall last week’s titbit vis-à-vis Roger the Rook and his nest building skills. The good news is that his tuition and leadership to the other rooks, or ‘rookie’ rooks appears to have paid off. After much sitting about and observing on the part of many in his team, the message seems to have got through. Another 2 nests are currently under construction. Roger’s second in command (let me anthropomorphise him and call him Tarquin) has set up a sub team called ‘rookie builders 2’ or ‘RB2’ as I like to call them! Tarquin, educated in Ely, and who qualified in Classics at a reputable university not far away has eventually found his calling in life. Despite all his high class education what Tarquin really needed was a ‘trade’ to contribute to the country’s GDP. Following Roger’s example, Tarquin has been working his little claws off inserting twigs and broken bits of branches to make a subliminal construction. I do think however, the addition of Doric columns to the nest entrance is rather Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen but, Tarquin being Tarquin didn’t want to totally waste that classic education for which his parents had toiled! Mind you the cheerleaders’ with ‘Go RB2’ on their T- shirts was a bit unnecessary and rather a snub to Roger for his kindly efforts!

From the craft of nest building we move to wonderful examples of the artwork which is on display between 9th and 22nd March in the Senior Art Department at King’s Ely as they show off students’ work for their Spring Art Exhibition. The event is free and can be accessed via Church Lane and The Gallery between 9am and 5pm daily.

The art of photography comes next on the agenda as we received an interesting photo this week courtesy of Beth Lane, Cambridge Community Archive Network. The photo depicts a view of Market Street circa 1910 facing towards the Market Place from what is approximately Sylhet’s current property. It’s amazing what people are retrieving for us as an ‘Ely archive’; keep them coming in!

The art of fine jewellery design hits our radar this week as Page Fine Jewellery celebrate St. David’s Day and Spring with a design of a butterfly on a daffodil from the Welsh Gold Clogau collection. Thanks go to Britni for bringing it to our notice.

News from Hearing Dogs for the Deaf tell us that Spring has arrived as Dino and his friend Poppy are divesting themselves of their recently acquired woolly pullovers of pink and striped designs knitted by Maureen Fox, Poppy’s owner!

As the fog ascends over the rooks’ nests’ I notice Tarquin and Roger are currently discussing the positioning of nest number 4 despite a very long tea break. RB2 are sitting in the wings’ awaiting further instruction however, things may take longer than expected as one of the team is still waiting in a long queue at a well know Swedish furniture emporium for another ‘flat pack’ nest. He may be some time............................................................................................................................................