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An eminent doctor friend of mine once said “if common sense is so common then why do so few people have it!” Take the excess of mud on the roads around the Fens with cars taking on the persona of mechanical versions of Torvill and Dean. Alternatively, indulge me in the now local game of ‘spot the post office’; we know where it is this week BUT will it be in the same place next week! I hope it doesn’t snow soon or I will have to invoke that old Inuit saying of “avoid eating the yellow snow”. Has anyone noticed all the aforementioned local insanity has corresponded with the latest edition of a certain TV show where former celebrities, now has-beens (in the main) are sent to Australia and told to eat natural protein in the form of insects for our entertainment? Not so many years ago the theft of a loaf of bread would have guaranteed passage to Oz nowadays; this is the punishment for failing at being good at your job. What’s all this got to do with the price of sugar beet I hear you ask? Well “not a lot” is my retort.

We thought you might enjoy this amusing anecdote from our friends over at Ely Tyre Services namely; “When we were kids our Dads would put us in a tyre and push us down a hill. A Goodyear was had by all”.

If that doesn’t put you in a giving and proactive festive mood then consider the guys at The Atrium Club who have succeeded in bringing Bollywood to Ely in the form of their recent Bollywood Dance Sessions. It just goes to show there is more to dancing than the Strictly approach to dance exercise!

With Bollywood and all things spice worthy it is great to hear good reports from visitors to Sylhet Restaurant; “Wonderful food and impeccable service I visited Sylhet with a friend for their Tuesday night offer. We were very impressed by the tastefully designed decor and welcoming atmosphere. We were astonished by the quantity of the food brought out, filling our table, and all of it of course tasting wonderful! Thoroughly enjoyed the evening, the customer service and the food - and we will be back again asap!”

If you want to experience the ‘shiny, shiny’ then simply visit Page Fine Jewellery Facebook and post ‘YourEly’ on their wall and a fabulous Kit Heath bracelet (worth £240) could end up on your wrist!

Common sense did visit Ely last week when it was fantastic to see the magnificent Ely Cathedral transformed into a fabulous Christmas Market!>

Well, I am off now to look out for the migrating hippopotamuses who have strewn the place with mud; no human with ‘common sense’ could have created such a potential death trap could they?