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Are you old enough to remember when Britain had a motor industry? Can you remember a car with the word ‘Anglia’ contained in it? The Ford Anglia was made between the years 1939 and 1967 and was an instant hit with those fortunate to own one. Ironically the first Anglias were made soon after Britain declared war against Germany and most of them were only available in black!

Your Ely would like to thank the team at Jolly Good Van Hire who sent us a photo (see our Your Ely Facebook page) of a fabulous array of brand new Anglias (and other makes of car) standing outside what was Graven’s Garage in Broad Street. We understand the photo was taken in the late 1950s’ (Courtesy of Pearl Cambridgeshire Community Archive Network). They certainly were a quality item in their heyday.

And talking of quality items, we know you girls out there love your diamonds! Britni from Page Fine Jewellery sent us a photograph of a simply dazzling diamond. This is an example of a Mastercut diamond which is an exclusive diamond brand and is only supplied to members of The Company of Master Jewellers of which Page Fine Jewellery is a member. The Mastercut diamond is created by cutting a further 32 facets, giving a total of 89 facets which gives an extra 30% brightness and sparkle than any other diamond. Once again to see this ‘jewel in the crown’ pay a visit to the Your Ely Facebook page.

Another gem of the photographic variety came over our desk this week (see Your Ely Facebook site) and was spotted by the Team at King’s Ely on the Cambridgeshire Community Archive Network (courtesy of Pam Blakeman) of one of their school buildings. It was formerly Ely Theological College. Apparently the building dates back to 1881 and in the East wall there is a statue of the Theological College Founder; James Russell Woodford.

Master craftsmanship and quality abound in every element of our wonderful Cathedral. Whilst we stand and marvel at its sheer scale now, what must the citizens and visitors to Ely have thought of the building when it was first constructed? It’s good to reflect on quality in East Anglia of both past and present artefacts and reinforces a great heritage in this little city which is Ely!