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As a child I struggled with the concept of Easter and the resurrection. By the time I was 7 or 8 years of age my concept of death was that one died and depending on what ones personal belief was you either went upstairs to your God or you just rotted away oblivious to time or space. So the idea of dying one day then getting up again 3 days later played with my mind. What played with my mind even more though was ‘The Easter Bunny’!!! This is a German invention a bit like ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ with big ears and hair. Apparently pundits could have a choice of a bunny or a hare as either one was applicable according to Germanic folklore or belief. Sometimes dressed in clothes, other times not, said ‘bunny’ would carry a basket full of coloured eggs or toys and deliver them to children. He was a mixture of Santa cum Royal Mail with a bit of UPS thrown in especially if he wore a little uniform! Conveniently, a bunny seems easier to construct in chocolate thereby to celebrate this annual event. Imagine a chocolate giraffe say, that long neck would always be broken especially at a checkout at your local supermarket. An elephant’s trunk would go the same way as would a chocolate eel. Could it be that those clever German chocolatiers had discovered a marketing opportunity after Christmas?

Talking of opportunities Michael, Ely Computers tells us a pair of doves has made their nest atop the traffic lights in Broad Street. We are all wondering if it is the same couple we featured here last year in Your Ely or another couple who have learned of the delights of living in our wee city. One hopes they have an unrestricted view of the Cathedral. We also take the opportunity to join the Team at Price Bailey in wishing Nick Pollington, Senior Partner all the best in his retirement. We loved the photo he kindly sent us (see our Facebook page) taken in 1989 when he opened the Price Bailey Office in Ely. All the best in your retirement Nick, you lucky devil!

The Team at Sew Much To Do sent us some lovely photographs of various creative work produced by the ladies attending their workshops, in particular Annabel’s Ark Quilt and Rachel’s ‘fabric bucket’ to name but a few.

Lastly, we continue to receive some beautiful photos and artistic references from the likes of David Clark, Tindalls and the internet marketing company ranging from the past to more contemporary pieces all of can be seen on the Your ElyFacebook page.

Have a lunch date with my best friend Warren today, he has big ears and is always going on about eggs. I’m sure his name is a family name he inherited or there again it could be where he lives, who knows?