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It's all traffic in Ely at this time of year as Winter makes its mark. All roads converge on a city that in real terms has grown out of all proportion however, its infrastructure remains in circa 1930.  So does its attitude to change apparently.  Who would have thought a few signs on a roundabout to improve traffic flow would cause such consternation among the locals!  Suddenly, everyone is an expert on the Highway Code and what to do on a roundabout.  Most of the Code is for guidance and not necessarily is bound by law (any failure to comply with the Code is not an offence in itself, but can be taken into account by a court). It appears local ‘forces’ have invoked ‘local’ rules on a certain roundabout on the edge of the village that is affectionately known as ‘the City of Ely’.  This appears to be a good idea however, whoever thought of it didn’t think out the consequences that human beings would have to a) think and b) change their behaviour.  One of the basics of driving namely anticipation has been sacrificed for the human behaviour of blame.  As usual people ‘blame’ others for their own lack of intelligence and care when adopting what should be a very simple driving procedure to negotiate said roundabout. Come on everyone let’s all give each other a festive hug and get on with life.  There are more important things to worry about. As I write this I am glad I do not live in Cumbria and the moaners should be glad they do not reside there too!

All of which leads me nicely into the fact that King’s Ely has raised the fantastic sum of £30,000.00 for WaterAid. WaterAid is an international organisation whose mission is to transform the lives of the poorest and most marginalised people by improving access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene. Congratulations to all the fund raisers on their hard work.

In conclusion to this month our thanks go to Michael at Ely Computers who spotted a wonderful postcard of one of his favourite views of the Cathedral taken from the Railway Bridge. This reminds me, if one were to get lost on an Ely roundabout there is always the Cathedral to aim for to get your bearings or the festive Market Square with the lovely Christmas tree and decorations and all outside David Clark’s office window! A Merry Christmas to all our followers.