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Call me ‘Mr. Picky’ but, if you insist on making a ‘cake’ without ‘cakey’ ingredients i.e. vegetables, then don’t be surprised if it doesn’t taste of anything other than .........vegetables! The Great English Cakeoff was on the box the other night and amidst the genuflections of one of its judges, the bearded one to be precise, all bar one of the contestants was subjected to abject humiliation for creating a ‘cake’ which didn’t taste of guess what....’cake’. If one sets the rules and people follow them to the letter and the results are quote “very bland” then I am sorry but, the rule makers need to be taken aside and shot!

No bland cake is to be found among our good fellows of colleagues here at Your Ely.

Congratulations in abundance go to Zahid and his Team at Sylhet who collected their Ely Standard Business Award Certificates as finalists in the categories of Business in the Community; Customer Service and to Zahid personally as Commercial Business Person of the Year. The event took place at a special ceremony in Lady Chapel on Friday 4th October 2013.

I tell you who don’t do ‘bland’ and that’s those awfully nice folk at Jolly Good Car Hire who tell us that their customers don’t do ‘bland’ either, as many customers rather than just hiring for business or pleasure also like to take the opportunity to simply drive a brand (not bland) new car as all of their vehicles are less than 6 months old and are maintained in showroom condition.

Page Fine Jewellery don’t do cake however, they do take the biscuit when it comes to Trollbeads. Pop in and see their new Aurora Collection featuring ‘The Diamond in the Rough’ bead, a bead which is in two halves and fits together with the bracelet running through it. Love that name!!

The Team at Ely Tyre Services are pleased to announce that their new website is now up and running to promote their new Accident Repair Centre. Now that’s a tasty proposition if you have had a bump or two which needs flattening out.

We hear that the boys and girls at The Atrium Club have been dressing up to get over the key message that exercise is fun; no blandness in their recipe for having fun then!

Have a good week, as it appears winter is entering the Ely environs and remember to spice up your life, and if baking is your thing, stick to the rules, you can’t make omelettes without breaking eggs; if you want vegetables then get a salad not CAKE!!!!