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“Dogs have masters, cats have staff” is an anonymous quotation I came across the other day. If you look at the current crop of TV adverts at the moment you will notice that cats feature quite prominently in some of the campaigns. One of them features Malcolm a hybrid ginger and white tabby thing with a contemplative look of all knowing feline superciliousness and gravitas which convert it into ‘a leader’. I have never seen a cat stand on top of a high fence and hesitate whereas, a dog can look totally baffled deciding upon which stick its owner threw among a pile of other sticks at the bottom of a tree during the autumn months. To be a leader one has to be able to make a decision and ‘go with it’ even if it is the wrong decision. The strength comes from how the leader ‘sells’ the decision.

No surprise then that David Clark and his team are leading the way in property sales. In order to catch a house buyer’s attention they have invested in a ‘hexacopter’ courtesy of Skyhigh Imagery who send a mini helicopter (unmanned!) up into the air and then photograph those ‘difficult to photograph’ properties normally captured from ground level. The ‘hexacopter’ is equipped with a digital camera which delivers eye catching results and delivers photos from previously unobtainable angles, thereby supplying buyer and seller with a new angle from which to view things.

At Hearing Dogs for the Deaf their puppies are empowered to be leaders to make a fantastic difference in the lives of deaf people. There is no chance of finding a cat offering its services in this particular group. If you would like to find out more about assisting the Ely Volunteer Group or becoming a ‘puppy socialiser’ to assist in the training and development of these pups then please contact; Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sew Much To Do have taken the lead with their incredible new Autumn programme of workshops and activities aimed at bringing like minds together. Why not pop along to their very own patchwork and quilting club which takes place every Wednesday evening commencing at 6.00 pm!

Talking to Michael at Ely Computers the other day he informed us how the ‘world wide web’ came to be named. As is commonplace with names, other alternatives were considered and turned down. Alternatives included, Information Mesh, The Information Mine (turned down as it abbreviated to TIM which the creator Tim Berners- Lee was against) or Mine of Information (turned down as it abbreviates to MOI “me” in French. The World Wide Web was settled upon and certainly watching the work of spiders and the intricacies of their webs the analogy and name is perfect.

So we now owe a big debt to the spider in that case. Luckily there were no cats and dogs around that day; sadly there were also no rabbits as we could have adopted the world wide WARREN for that daily acronym www. Imagine that, you start the Monday morning on the world wide warren and by Friday that week you have a choice of 500 plus addresses to access; just as well the mouse is positioned next to you!