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Ely and the Fens is a great place to live. I had time on my hands the other day driving up the A10 from Milton roundabout to Ely. There are very few roads in the U.K. where you can rarely leave 2nd or 3rd gear for 16 miles and take in the countryside around you. One can, during such a journey observe the varied flora and fauna in abundance in this area whilst jolly cyclists whizz past your car at breakneck speeds of 12 miles per hour. Only on the great and good M25 can one get near to this experience. Not even in Holland can one get this exhilarating diversity of transport movement. Then there are the security aspects of living in a vast area of such flat terrain. My neighbour assured me one day that his dog was safe as he observed him run away for 3 days in the knowledge that he could still see him on the ever-decreasing horizon. It’s not difficult to see why the game of billiards was invented in the Fens as a way of portraying the unique landscape and the term “level playing field” also came about following the death of Cromwell who has close association to this area.

What’s all this frivolity got to do with anything you might ask?

Well, ask our friends at Sew Much to Do who have been busying themselves making tablecloths, 30 in total, which they have kindly donated to Ely Cathedral for their annual Christmas Fair. That is certainly a great leveller for all concerned!

Congratulations of an equal nature go out to Tasha, Sophie and Leah from The Lantern Community Primary School who were all winners in a recent competition to design a gift voucher for Tindalls. The theme they used was ‘Things To See and Do in Ely’. Their colourful and unique ideas are proving a hit with customers.

Hot off the local press is the very exciting news from David Clark and his Team who have just announced the launch of their exciting new marketing initiative; the launch of their very own online TV channel, which will be an exciting new way to buy and sell property across East Cambridgeshire. Look out for more information……

Is your IT secure? When chatting to Michael at Ely Computers he was telling me the main quotes that people have when finding that their PC or laptop has a virus are, “I already have installed a good security system!” “I have not been on any dodgy websites!” “Am I going to lose all my information and files?” As Michael reassures them security systems are not 100% effective but normally he can work his magic and get them back up and running with the least amount of inconvenience and in the majority of cases with no loss of information or data.

That’s it for this week, I am going on a long journey to Waterbeach on Monday 18th November so am leaving a few days to prepare for the busy roads ahead; lights checked; windscreen washers checked; tyres in order etc. etc. it is winter after all!