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Ely is a place of ‘Grand Design’ in more ways than one. In the centre it is like walking through an architectural museum of sorts. Witness the spectacle that is Ely Cathedral which over the centuries has provided a visual target on the landscape for travellers and pilgrims alike, to the like of Cromwell’s house and much ‘newer’ constructions within the city boundaries.

Grand design is a shifting sand and reflects the moods, needs and economics associated with a specific moment in time. With this in mind some of our friends in the business community have caused me to ponder upon their ‘grand designs’.

First off the architect’s drawing board are our friends at Sew Much To Do who are intrinsically linked with all things design associated. They have already taken delivery of some gorgeous Christmas fabrics including cottons, linens and contemporary modern prints encapsulating a festive theme. Those crafters among you can make a start on your Christmas gift designs NOW!

For a design befitting its environment this week’s prize (were we to offer one that is!) would go to Michael at Ely Computers; well that’s not strictly true as he sent us a photo of an enterprising pigeon who decided to build its nest atop the traffic lights directly outside his shop (see Your Ely facebook). There’s one character with a bird’s eye view for the traffic shenanigans on offer daily in Broad (or not so broad) Street!

Then there are our good friends over at Price Bailey; did their plans of ‘mice and men’ feature longevity within their creation when they were founded 75 years ago this year? We suspect that the Ely based team are saving their celebrations until next year when they will have been in the City for 25 years.

Tindalls was the centre of creative design between 29th July and 2nd August thanks to their fantastic programme of artistic demonstrations with children in mind. Everything came to a head on Saturday 3rd August with a climax of face painting, a raffle and a chance to try the staff’s culinary ‘designs’ in the form of cupcakes!

Those clever folk at David Clark can teach us a thing about design especially where property is involved when they advised us that it is always a good idea to stand back and take in the ‘whole view’ of a property as you never know what you might miss! There are some interesting chimneys’ in Ely the like of which you would see on offer at Hampton Court and the court of Henry VIII. In Henry’s time such items were functional however, in today’s place many are built in to the final design to add aesthetic balance to what could be a blandness were they excluded. Please visit Your Ely facebook for the ‘visual effect’.