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I was reading the other day that there is a proposition in Cambridgeshire to install 'floating' bus stops for cyclists! In view of the recent countrywide flooding issues I thought Cambridgeshire had been given some special insight as to the future of the Fens. Whilst the risk of 'higher waters' is an impending threat the aforementioned headline apparently refers to the movement of bus stops positioned in such a way that cyclists can negotiate their special vehicles around the near side of a bus. Passengers can stand on a specially constructed 'island' betwixt cycle way and bus entrance whilst said special vehicle users don't have to cycle around the offside of a bus. For an idea to be really successful though, many angles need to be considered don't they? Sadly, and not untypical of certain intelligence levels, no one had stopped to consider a) pedestrians access to said 'floating' device, b) the elderly, c) the disabled and finally d) common sense! Please, oh please if anyone out there owns a drawing board please go back and revisit it for sanity's sake rather than political correctness!

Thank goodness for some common sense creativity going on in the Ely environs.

Spring is in the air at Page Fine Jewellery thanks to their very own Britni who created a lovely Spring bouquet using stock from Daisy Jewellery, Kit Heath and Trollbeads. It's beautiful, pop in and have a look!

Our friends at Jolly Good Van Hire recently sent us a very old photo of Miss Ethel Drake driving a Model T Ford. Miss Drake was apparently the first lady in Ely to have a driving licence. Her longest trip was to Norwich and all the way back at 25mph! Ironically, one can still travel to Norwich and back today at those exact speeds with the choice of either road or rail, that's progress for you!

Meanwhile an innovative student at King's Ely has just been shortlisted for The National Fashion Textiles Competition aimed at talented fashion students between the ages of 16 and 19 years of age from schools across the U.K. Connie has designed a wonderful dress made of paper – great idea! We wish you every success – go girl go!!!

The Cathedral and not a week goes by without our 'scoops' here at Your Ely receiving photos of our wonderful building captured through various artistic media. Last week we received an engraving dated 1801 by W. Angus. Once again it is a feat to behold!

Floating bus stops for cyclists! It's up there with 'tartan paint' and the 'long wait' that apprentices were initiated into the building trade with many moons ago. I used to ride a bike once, except mine had a device called a saddle which with a bit of ingenuity one could both 'mount' and even 'dismount'........I wonder if they still make them?