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How famous is the sausage I hear you ask? As a German butcher is once quoted as saying “the wurst is yet to come”! The Greek poet Homer mentioned a kind of blood sausage in the Odyssey, Epicharmus wrote a comedy titled The Sausage, and Aristophanes' play The Knights is about a sausage-vendor who is elected leader.  How cool would that be today to have an ex sausage-vendor as Prime minister! He or she could link the parties on a united goal (apologies for the pun!). The word sausage is derived from Old French saussiche, from the Latin word salsus meaning "salted". If ‘they’ can make a television series about baking cakes then surely there is plenty of material for a “Great British sausage” programme. In fact, after an initial six programme run, this could be widened to “Sausage My world” with endless series featuring international variations and introduced by the likes of Rick Stein or the Hairy Bikers’, that is if ‘Dave’ doesn’t end up being a ballroom dancing teacher!

Let’s dig beneath the skin of the lowly sausage though and find out what is happening in the humble sausage we all love and know as Ely!

Ely Tyre Services know a thing or three about bangers and smash and can help you out as they told us recently; “We are here to help when you have a bump or a scratch. We provide free quotes and are insurer approved for all types of car repairs. Let us get you back on the road quickly and safely”.

What accompanies a sausage better than the modest potato! Two spuds u’like are to be found in the form of Tom and Dell from The Atrium Club who achieved 3rd place in the 2nd Annual Isle of Ely Potato Race recently held in the High Street. They certainly mashed up the opposition and chipped away to gain this very respectable result!

The Jolly Good Van Hire Team are certainly skinning the opposition as they are pleased to learn that people are becoming familiar with their excellent car hire service as well as their established van hire. Recent customer feedback provided the following quote namely; “It was so quick and simple hiring a car – fantastic”. “I never realised that Jolly Good Van Hire had such a wide selection of cars”.

If you are not partial to a sausage at Halloween but, are keen on a ‘tricky treat’ then look no further than Page Fine Jewellery for some spooky seasonal designs in their Troll Beads Autumn collection!

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s haggis of Your Ely News and remember, the next time you encounter a sausage on your plate think of the history behind it; it might look a simple sausage however, behind many a simplistic mask hides a vision of complexity, happy trick or treating!