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I attended a Christmas concert the other night in Ely Cathedral where a daughter of our good friend was performing with numerous other little cherubs in front of a rather large audience of proud parents’ and hangers’ on like myself! It is a fantastic feat of architecture when one considers the date of construction (of the present cathedral) which was started under William 1 in 1083. As was the case with many similar buildings and the technology available at the time, these things were constructed over centuries in order to reach and recognise what we regard today as the end result. I have heard people comment on numerous occasions about Ely and other cathedrals as to the ‘poor’ acoustics within such buildings. The point being? Well, the Christmas carol (in English) as we know it today only really came into being around 1426 via a John Awdlay a Shropshire chaplain who lists twenty five “carols of Cristemas” probably sung by groups of ‘wassailers’ who went from house to house. Therefore one might argue in simplistic terms that the early buildings were not designed with music in mind. Compare carols with earlier Gregorian chants then we open up a new can of worms!

What is designed fit for purpose however, is the team at Sew Much To Do who celebrate their 1st Birthday this week. Well done to them and here’s to many more!

Dressed for purpose also is the Team at Price Bailey who were busy planning their outfits for their Dress Down Day on Friday 13th December 2013 (beware if you are a paraskevidekatreaphobic!). We wish them the best of luck in raising as much as possible for The Teenage Cancer Trust.

‘Designed for purpose’ is something those clever types at David Clark know all about as the latest update on David Clark TV is really exciting. Their brand new website will work alongside their existing site and will allow you to view every one of their properties as a free virtual tour, viewable on any number of devices. David Clark is the only estate agent in Ely to offer this innovative service!

It is great to receive feedback on our business members and in particular our newest member the internet marketing company; "We've been with the internet marketing company for over 10 years now and our online business has gone from zero to a substantial six-figure sum.  Our site is on the top page of Google in a very competitive market”.

Finally, on the subject of carols, I was once sitting in a bar in Turkey in August, with the evening temperature at 32 Celsius and the Muslim waiter put his favourite piece of music on the sound system. It turned out to be Loreena McKennitt’s version of Good King Wenceslas which for the first third of it sounds very Turkish in interpretation. I told the waiter it was a Christian Christmas carol to which he replied, St. Nicholas was Turkish and Mount Ararat is supposed to be the resting place of Noah’s Ark! Food for thought!