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I feel we miss out as a nation on certain holiday celebrations. In Spain the other week they are off for a couple of days (6th Jan) to celebrate the ‘Kings’ festival’, epiphany or the ‘arrival of the Magi’ or as we call them the three wise men. The chances of three wise men being detected on our shores at this point in our history is pretty remote one fears. The thought of having a break to get over Christmas and New Year however, does have an element of appeal and despite having its basis in a religious context even the most ardent atheists wouldn’t turn up their nose at a ‘wee’ winter break so early into a new year! January isn’t the most appealing month after all. It usually resembles an after party ensemble of detritus floating on the ebbing tide of things that might have been fun at the time. It was good to see the Molly Men in town the other day to keep ‘Plough Monday’ alive. They always look so jolly with their blacked up faces. A drive in the local vicinity with the top down on my car would quite easily gain me membership to their ancient clan methinks!

Our New Year resolution follow up reveals that Gill at Tindalls Ely is still at odds with her 2ft long Wispa chocolate bar and that losing weight with this edifice to navigate is proving to be more of a challenge than at first thought! Don’t be careless with that Wispa Gill!

We take this opportunity to remind everyone of an internationally acclaimed exhibition about the life of Anne Frank which will be visiting Ely Cathedral in February. Visitors will have the opportunity to see a life sized replica of Anne's bedroom and experience an interactive tour of the Secret Annexe.

On a generosity front it was pleasing to hear that students from King’s Ely Sixth Form are supporting orphanages in Bulgaria following a disturbing documentary they had viewed as part of their studies. Good on them!

The delightful Hearing Dog, Dino has been to the January sales and we hear on good authority he had a lot of fun helping to construct a flat pack coffee table! I once bought a similar object from a well known Scandinavian furniture retailer and when assembled it looked like it had been designed by a Rottweiler! Damn clever these animals is all would I say!

And finally, we would like to thank all of you out there for your lovely feedback about the photographs that we take and post! Mind you it does help living in an area of natural beauty with its otters, bitterns, great crested newts and white rhino. I thought I would throw that last one in just to check you are reading this tome!