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I fell asleep momentarily on the settee the other evening and awoke to the Winter Olympics on TV. Everything was in slow motion except the sound, then it dawned on me, curling happens at this speed! It’s like watching a crash happen; you know what the result is going to be and there’s not a squirrel nutkin you can do about it! I bet feminists out there enjoy the sport. Where else can you see grown men sweep up at speed other than in preparation for the first barby of the year? You look at the countries that participate and they are mainly Nordic. Wow the winter nights must just fly by with equal mach speed! I wonder if ‘curlers’ live longer? Do they do everything at that speed I wonder? I wouldn’t like to be behind one at a well known Germanic supermarket chain would you? Imagine the scenario; you enter the store as a teenager and before you know where you are you have an annual subscription for a Saga holiday and free life insurance as you have attained a certain age! Mmm... for me it’s the ‘tea tray’ racers who get my vote; that’s what I aspire to, or that other lot all named Robert, you know ‘Two Man Bob’ and ‘Four Man Bob’.

What’s all this got to do with the price of caviar I hear you ask?

Those creative creatures at Sew Much To Do are looking forward to hosting a Wet Felting Workshop on Friday 28th February 2014. Look out for wonderful and unique ‘snuggle spaces’ which can be created for your feline friends who can cuddle up in their little snuggly caves.......aaaawww! I bought one for our friend’s cat Justin and told him to climb in, he just looked at me and said “me how?”

Those accounting type monetary wizards at Price Bailey have only been up to their tricks again haven’t they! The team had another ‘Dress Down Day’ where everyone had to wear hearts or something in red. Just as well they did it on Valentine’s Day otherwise their visiting clients might have thought they were in a parallel dating agency. Thanks to their crazy antics they are giving the proceeds of their wizardry to the Teenage Cancer Trust. Well done you mad accountants’ you!

Wanted Amateur Artists the Team at Tindalls have recently been approached by BBC 1 as they are looking for the best of Britain’s amateur artists for a new competitive arts series. The BBC are looking for amateur painters who are over 16 and have experience of working in different figurative forms and media from landscape, portraiture and still life to watercolour, oil and charcoal.

To find out more pop in to Tindalls………..

Ooh, I might give that a go myself; I’m quite handy with a brush! “Coming Dear”, better go, my wife wants me to sweep a big bit of granite off the front path...........oh no, curling again!!!!