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I had ‘a life event’ last week and reflected on ‘the journey’ known to me as 2013. Whilst thinking about things I sort of experienced a weird feeling of emotions. Let me enlarge; I heard that Ely had been voted ‘kindest city in the country’ following a survey carried out by a soft drinks firm! What soft drinks were the judges on? Please don’t get me wrong I love Ely however, equally bemusing is that Hull is to be the ‘city of culture’ for 2017. Likewise is someone at BBC TV on drugs? Do they think we are doing the same ‘active ingredients’ as an audience when they pretend every Sunday evening that ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ is LIVE??? The audience must be well trained to come out for a second night and sit in exactly the same seats as the night before and that the poor saps competing for the ‘glitter ball of fame’ get tarted up again only to lose one of their number to the grim tango reaper in the sky in the now obligatory ‘dance off’!

Tripping ‘the light fantastic’ are those jolly souls at The Atrium Club who appear to have gone Christmas Crackers! They are selling crackers which contain great money saving vouchers and a 12 day full pass for the Atrium Club. In one lucky cracker there will be a golden ticket which entitles the winner to one years’ full membership.

Those diamond people at Page Fine Jewellery would like to remind everyone that the drawer for the lucky winner of the Kit Heath bracelet takes place on Monday 9th December 2013. In true winning style, that actually does happen on Monday 9th December 2013 unlike a Strictly episode where it takes place the day before with a cast of thousands!

Talking of performances, King’s Ely – King’s Barbers have posted a video of their first charity concert of the year on with their chosen charities being the Old Dispensary and Ely Food Bank. Well done to them for their true acts of kindness!

Looking at local firms going that extra mile for their customers’ one cannot ignore the many accolades directed at Sylhet Restaurant and Takeaway such as this “we now use the website to order takeaways and it couldn't be simpler, great food and prompt service. I can recommend it”.

I must get on my way but, before I do I would like to thank the local agriculturalists for their act of kindness in distributing copious amounts of mud from their fields and converting the local area into a death trap. My thanks also extend to the young lady dressed all in black, riding her bike with no front or rear lights whilst answering her mobile phone AND cycling at the same time. Thank you for thanking me for pointing out your errors in such a biblical way! I am sure a life in the circus awaits you, should you be fortunate to survive the dark nights. Kindness is all around; you just have to look for it!