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I tell you what’s pointless, that TV quiz programme called ‘Pointless’ as is ‘Bargain Hunt’. Can anyone for the life of me remember when a contestant turned in a profit on ‘Bargain Hunt’? It just doesn’t happen; it’s pointless! For a really pointless exercise look no further than the ‘chocolate peppermint flavoured waffer (sic) thin mint’ poised precariously on your pillow in hotels searching for that extra cache on your return to your room after a fun night out. A friend of mine oblivious to said item of confectionary awoke the following morning after a raucous evening, most of which was spent at the hotel bar, only to discover what he thought had been a ‘toilet error malfunction’ on his part. My, how we all chuckled over breakfast.................except him. The delivery by the minty fairy has stayed with him to this day!

What is not pointless however, is Jolly Good Van Hire’s ability to offer an even greater selection of cars to their range having recently added Fiat 500s’ and the acclaimed BMW1 Series. Pop along and meet the team at Jolly Good Van Hire who will be happy to help you select the right vehicle for your trip.

Continuing on matters of an automotive theme, look no further than Ely Tyre Services for an exquisite customer experience. Feedback such as, “my car looks fantastic”; “it’s great that I could get my car repaired in Ely” and “my car looks like new again” are just some of the comments we have received in the Your Ely postbag!

THE Old Bishop’s Palace in Ely, which has been King’s Ely Sixth Form since September last year, opened its doors to the public once again on Saturday 14 September 2013 for Ely’s Heritage Open Day. More than 200 visitors enjoyed an illustrated talk on the history of the Tudor building as well as having refreshments in the Old Palace refectory.

Page Fine Jewellery are also keen to point out that if ‘green’ isn’t your colour then the Pandora autumn/winter collection also offers some deep indigo tones of lapis lazuli which we are reliably informed is the eye catching birthstone for September and signifies truthfulness and sincerity.

And, finally as a pointless exercise and as it is now after eight, I must slip away and find a mint or two to secrete in the visitors’ room’s pillows; will mint humbugs attract fluff do you think?