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“If it were done when ’tis done, then ’twere well It were done quickly” goes a famous quote from Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’. ‘Macbeth’ or ‘The Scottish Play’ (if allegedly one is a thesp and a superstitious one at that) is being played out in our very own Ely Cathedral. Hopefully, they don’t take the film cameras outside and focus on the flatness of the Fen landscape. Having lived in Scotland for 5 years I never once saw a flat piece of land other than a snooker table in Auchtermuchty and I suppose that doesn’t really count! Screen actor Michael Fassbender an Irish/German born in Heidelberg is playing the noble General Macbeth on this occasion. I can’t wait to hear his interpretation of a Scottish accent! Will it be up there with Russell Crowe’s Irish/ Antipodean/Welsh/Bengali offering in the recent remake of Robin Hood? To be fair, Sir Sean Connery hasn’t done badly in his acting career either. Who can forget his Russian submarine Captain in The Hunt for Red October with his fantastic blend of Glasnost meets The White Heather Club. I’m not even suggesting a Scot play the role of Macbeth, far from it, old Sean’s pronunciation would be legendary e.g. “ish thish a dagger I shee before me?” isn’t really I suspect how Shakespeare would have wanted that line to be delivered. So Mr. Fassbender watch the pronunciation otherwise you could turn a classic play into a classic farce e.g. “so, is ziss ein dagger Ich sehe before me!!!!”

There’s certainly no mistaking the real thing when David Clark is on the case when he kindly sent us a wonderful photo of the Red Arrows flying low over Ely to celebrate the RAF receiving the Freedom of the City back in 1987; (photo courtesy of Beth Lane, Cambridgeshire Community Archive Network). Chocks away Ginger and ticketyboo and all that!

If you prefer a twist on the conventional then look no further than those lovely people at Sew Much To Do for inspiration. Through the unique effects of wet felting they have created some distinctive gadget covers for your mobile phone or tablet. If you would like to create your very own cover then book on to Sew Much To Do’s Wet Felt Workshop on Thursday 27th March @ 7.00. We look forward to seeing your unique gadget covers.

The Internet Marketing Company has sent us another Turner Teaser in the form of “An Old Woman in a Cottage Kitchen” which was originally thought to be a painting of Turner’s mother in their home at Maiden Lane, Convent Garden. However, recent research has shown that it was painted by Turner when he visited Ely during 1794. Unfortunately there is no further information on who the old woman was and where the property was in Ely. Any ideas? If so, we would be very keen to know!

Time now to exit stage left. One thing certain, with all the support crew enabling the filming of Macbeth to take place it was nice to know for the sake of realism that Macbeth et al obviously had a penchant for beef burgers, bacon sandwiches and assorted fried food. The aroma wafted saliently over the cathedral grounds. “Is this a bacon double cheese burger I see before me Banquo?”