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In a recent story on the Your Ely news site we mentioned the number of Hollywood and other film factories using Ely as a backdrop for their movies. Just last weekend the Cathedral went from the ‘big screen’ to the ‘small screen’ and emulated a Vicar of Dibley episode by holding a special ‘pet service’ organised by Wood Green Animal Shelter. In these days of economic depression, the imminent threats of war across the globe and general apathy to local bypasses and new developments, it was quite refreshing to know that if you are a pet owner you could take Tiddles the cat, Rover the dog or Tarquin the tortoise to receive a blessing at your local Cathedral! What about being politically correct though? What if all the aforementioned creatures didn’t comply with the specific faith of the church they were attending? As humans we sometimes make ‘assumptions’ on all sorts of subjects. This was probably alright up to a few years ago if one worked on the premise that ‘the majority’, would approve of something or the other. Not nowadays though, one must NOT assume and thereby every voice should be heard if for nothing more than political correctness. What if among the attending pets the dogs wanted their own service? What if the cats would only attend if the budgies weren’t there? Do you see my point? Nowadays one size does not fit all. The world has been turned on its head and everyone must have their say. Is this attitude to life creating a cohort in the 21st century which whilst it thinks it is ‘liberating’ is actually stifling progress? Think about it and discuss in less than 500 words......answers on a postcard please!

Not stifling in any way shape or form is Zahid and his team who have been raising money for Cancer Research. The money was raised by selling jute, biodegradable, ‘bags for life’ to his take away customers. A double success; eco – friendly and £110 for charity.

Thanks go to our friends at Jolly Good Van Hire who spotted these vans lined up at The Quay Side Brewery (see Your Ely Facebook page). The photograph courtesy of Pam Blakeman, Cambridgeshire Community Archive Network is dated between 1925 and 1935.

Weddings are in the air at Page Fine Jewellery and to celebrate this Britni kindly sent us a selection of photographs (see Your Ely Facebook) of the marvellous range of Brown and Newith wedding rings they offer. She was also telling us about their engraving service and how a romantic couple had his partner’s favourite song engraved around the inside of their wedding ring. “A really wonderful way to keep any special message of love forever in your hands as well as in your heart”.

On this happy note I will depart and let you good people of Ely go about your business, be it a ‘pet service’ or just chucking a toy eel over the Market Square, we can rest assured we live in a somewhat diverse environment albeit a small one!