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Is it worth it I ask you? A 2007 study from the University of Bristol involving 3,000 people showed that 88% of those who set New Year resolutions fail, despite the fact that 52% of the study’s participants were confident of a successful outcome at the beginning. Men achieved their goal 22% more often when they ‘set goals’, whilst women succeeded 10% more when they made their goals public and were supported by friends. Does this say more about the male versus female psyche I wonder? I won’t pursue that avenue in fear of alienating 50% of my audience. Statistics can be used for everything however, how really useful are they? For example 50% of my household agree 100% with what I normally have to say whilst my other half smiles politely and carries on about her business. Such are statistics.

Statistically satisfying though are the plaudits landing at the door of Price Bailey who have notched up yet another award when they were named as one of the 1,000 most inspirational companies in Britain by the London Stock Exchange!

A resolute leader at the helm David Clark when asked for his view on 2014 said; “every year I promise to be calmer, lose weight, work less hours and delegate more!” We will be monitoring this statement during the year to assess David’s achievements as to his New Year resolutions.

At Tindalls we discovered their Manager Gill might find achievement of her New Year resolution a little more challenging as it was revealed she has a 2ft long Wispa chocolate bar to consume. It might be pertinent to remember George Michael with this in mind and what happened to his ‘Careless Wispa’!

Ely Computers very own Michael saw the New Year in ‘in style’ aboard a party boat moored on the Thames with a front seat view of the spectacular fireworks. Flash, bang, wallop what a megapixel that will have been!

At Spa ely the formidable team of ‘Spa-isters’ (or should that be Spa-sisters or whatever!) are fired up and resolved to kick start 2014 off in their usual inimitable style and are looking forward to welcoming customers old and new during this year!

For me, I have set myself the goal of being more polite to cyclists, joggers, lane hoggers (on motorways), people who put false charity collection bags through my letterbox, badly behaved children accompanied by their equally soft minded parents when inflicted upon my personal space particularly in supermarkets during the hours of daylight and finally the BBC for providing me with repeat programmes I saw four decades ago and really didn’t find them funny then. Here’s hoping for at least a 22% success rate on these then!