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Isn’t communication a wonderful thing? Take the recent and continuing inclement weather for example. For communication to be good, messages need to be clear, concise and shared with the right audience. With all of these and other things in their correct place then positive things can happen. I recently ‘upgraded’ my mobile phone. My first ever mobile phone was a brick with an aerial on it and daily use for two months could qualify one for the Olympic weightlifting team. The years passed by and the ‘brick’ became a sliver of plastic. My recent ‘upgrade’ is now twice as large as my previous one and has the acceptable set of ‘tricks’ built in to accompany it. The salesman arranged an array of phones in front of me constantly focusing on the number of ‘megapixies’ available to me to take photos. I reiterated several times that I actually own a C-A-M-E-R-A with copious ‘megapixies’ which to date has served me well. I just want a phone to make phone calls. Sadly, they don’t exist anymore. I can however, dress up in a ‘onesie’ and do a ‘selfie’ (if I wanted that is!) without changing gadgets. Awesome! “Or some”, as I would say and prefer not to get so excited over ‘the inane’!

Our thanks go to our friends at Jolly Good Van Hire who sent us a photo of a wonderful heron whilst out on their travels. “Until you see them up close you do not realise how large they are and can certainly give you a start when driving”; the herons’ that is!

King’s Ely participated last week in ‘Shake Up Your Wake Up’s Breakfast Week’ to raise awareness of the health and nutritional benefits of eating a good breakfast every morning. Breakfasts’ from all over the world were on the menu as students took part in this nationwide initiative. Taking things a step further, juniors in Years 6 and 7 sampled a variety of foods including American waffles, Mexican tortillas via Spanish churros to Dutch cheese and ham.

Continuing on an international theme our thanks extend to the Team at Sylhet who made us aware of The United Nations’ International Mother Language Day which will be celebrated on Friday 21st February to celebrate and promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism.

Finally a big thank you to the Marketing Team at the Cathedral who kindly sent us a photograph of Albert Goodwin’s marvellous watercolour ‘Ely Cathedral’ painted in 1908. What marvellous detail and how atmospheric!

With all of the above in mind I must now dash off and learn how to stop my new phone whistling, gurgling and spluttering at me; silly me, it’s the coffee machine!