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Isn’t technology marvellous! I have recently discovered ‘search by voice’ on my computer which among its features boasts expediency in searching for items on the internet. Unfortunately, no one apparently bothered to increase its voice recognition system to include a North Eastern England accent within its matrix. I have therefore wasted 6 minutes of my time shouting ‘Your Ely’ at it and received the following searches namely; “you’re the only”, “you’re easily”, “your e”, “York eel” and “you’re really”! I then changed my natural flat vowel sounds to a monotonous synthetic nasally inspired pseudo ‘American’ sound and the nearest I got was “ely, ely”. All of this I concluded goes to show that no matter how good you think technology is there is always a human who has to programme these things. They naturally work on the assumption that everyone shares their own lingua franca.

Michael at Ely Computers reminded us of the rapid changes that have taken place to take computerisation to where it is now. In the 1950s’ and 1960s’ a company’s single computer would inhabit a whole room and yet today the majority of laptops stocked by Ely Computers have at least 4GB of memory which is more than enough for most home and office use. Bear in mind too that all of this is housed in a case no larger than a piece of A4 paper and usually less than 2cm in depth!

A facet of computerisation is pixilation which one thinks of as a recent development however; our friends at Sew Much To Do reliably inform us that ‘quilting’, an early form of pixilation has been around since ancient Egyptian times. With the Industrial Revolution and the ability to weave cloth on a huge commercial scale there was an increase in quilting. If you want to know more on this front then get yourself along to Sew Much To Do. Happy pixilating or quilting as it is known!

Those clever chaps at Price Bailey certainly know a thing or two about technology and how to steal a lead on the competition. Contained within their new on-line brochure is a range of ten videos where you can listen to everything from a general company overview to sections on each of their key services including information on careers within their organisation; now how cool is that!

And finally, if you are a more sedate follower of technology, then pop into Tindalls on Saturday 21st September between 10.00am and 4.00pm where Caroline Furlong will be demonstrating different drawing and pen and ink techniques. Whether you are a beginner or a more accomplished artist Caroline will be happy to offer hints and tips to help you along the way.

Have just shouted “businesses in Ely” into my voice recognition and it understood; you could say, just like Your Ely, we are all on the same page!