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It appears there is controversy over the omission of apostrophes and commas in street names in Cambridge whose governing burghers are accused of ‘dumbing down’ this exercise to appeal to the ‘vox pop’ of public opinion. Obviously, to me at least it’s a pity they having nothing more major to worry about looking at some of the current catastrophes taking place in the world. Let’s assume (never ‘assume’ or it will make an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’.......grrrrrrr!) it is an issue, may I then take it a step further. For example when I was growing up in the North of England we lived in ‘streets’ or ‘roads’ or the affluent among us resided in ‘crescents’. These items were more often than not named after Victorian ‘heroes’ e.g. Gladstone Street, Brunel Avenue etc. Since moving South like a migrating budgie (they might not even migrate however, other bird varieties other than puffins provide little comedic effect!) I have lived in a ‘Way’. I have lived in a street, a crescent, a road and even a close however, my emancipation southwards has resulted in my current residence being situated in a ‘Way’. I don’t think it has affected me socially, I don’t have any feelings of social inadequacy, in fact just the opposite living in a ‘Way’ has provided me with a sort of trump card I can pull out at parties and social gatherings along with the ‘drink on a plate tray’ so popular at buffets when one struggles with a sausage, a prawn vol au vent and a cheeky summer rose wine. Ely life is so inviting on all levels.

Finding their own ‘way’ nicely are those kindly folk at Tindalls who are currently through Your Ely website “Making a Date With Us” by promoting their calendars, diaries and planners. By way of example Becky at Tindalls has made a special date of her own in her year planner as she is getting married in April. Many congratulations to her!

Not ones to stand in the ‘way’ of progress are the Team at Price Bailey who are busy completing end of year accounts during January. They sent us a photo of the weather last January which was not as welcoming as 2014!

In a ‘way’ to keep warm the Team at Sew Much To Do are delighted to be taking part in an annual worldwide event on Saturday 25th January when they hosted a Coffee Morning which links in with “Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day”.

We all know that Michael at Ely Computers is very keen on steam trains and we would like to thank him for sending us a photo of one of his wonderful vintage posters advocating that It’s Quicker By Rail featuring Ely.

Oh yes, I remember those days when it was quicker by rail; one bought a ticket and got a seat on a train. Now you buy a ticket and get a seat on a bus which will transfer you to another railway station where you have the opportunity to board another bus. “It’s quicker by rail” no it’s not; it’s quicker by dog sled!!