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Just to remind anyone reading this weekly view on things inane and the like, it is November! I have had people approach me at petrol filling stations and say “isn’t it cold?” I have had normally balanced neighbours tell me, “isn’t it cold?” Now, despite all the would be soothsayers at large who bang on about ‘global warming’ and to show balance herein, those who rightly or wrongly dare to oppose such views, please cut me a bit of slack when my common retort to the aforementioned comment has been simply, “it’s November!” What is it with people? I am not the brightest star in the firmament however; I am pretty adept at recognising a seasonal change and equating it with a particular month. So to everyone out there “it’s November, it gets darker sooner in the afternoon, and there is a high probability of inclement weather coming your way”. In these circumstances therefore, I tend to wear warmer clothes; I don sturdier footwear; I might even wear a extremis however, as I am from the North of England it would have to be really properly cold to engage in that sort of behaviour!

Our chums at Ely Tyre Services know what time of the year it is as they kindly provided the following quote for us namely, “At the same time that many of our customers are having their flu jab they are also preparing their car for winter by bringing it to us for its free winter check”. It could have something to do with the time of year!

Equally, the Sylhet Team inform us that eating curry everyday can help stave off infections. According to US research turmeric, which is found in a wide range of curries contains a protein that boosts the immune system. I think that the Team at Sylhet are finding us all a good excuse for a take away!

I suppose seasonal awareness can be disregarded when it comes to wearing ‘pink’! Those fun loving people at The Atrium Club raised over £45 recently at their sponsored ‘Wear it Pink Friday’. Well done to them for creating a rosy hue in the dark depths of Autumn!

To brighten up the dullest Autumnal day and to reflect their lovely shops and the gorgeous ranges of jewellery that Page Fine Jewellery stock, they have recently launched their new website – it’s packed with pictures of fabulous products to tempt us!

The Team at the Cathedral have been telling us that this year the Christmas Fair is going to be even bigger than last with over 100 exhibitors located in the magnificent Nave and a Festive Food Hall in the Lady Chapel where there will be everything from specialist cheeses to locally brewed beverages.

Now with all of the above going on in Ely, we really do know that it is NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!