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Apparently the word 'satisfactory'has been banned in Ely........

To be more specific the District Council’s HR department head has banned the word’s use in staff appraisals.  Now that’s all well and good however, the last time someone tried to ban words they ended up burning whole works of literature and before long Europe was plunged into a second World War and a little man with a silly moustache was..........well I’m sure you get the picture.  I certainly don’t think that a District Council is going to make a play for world domination however, it just takes one eejit to set the ball rolling and before long one ends up with a replay of 2016 with referenda and elections churning out results that no one envisaged.

I can agree on one premise however, that there is nothing at all “satisfactory” about our following Ely people, au contraire they are splendiforously fantastic at what they do namely; David Clark & his Team who have a 5 star rating on rateragent, the estate agent rating website; King’s Ely students and teachers who have recently been presented with a highly regarded e-Twinning Award for their project ‘Trails across Europe’; Price Bailey who amongst the awards they have received this year were winner of the ‘Best SME Accountancy Team’ at the Corporate LiveWire’s  and finally not forgetting the many technical services that Michael at Ely Computers offers which enable us to keep our PC’s and laptops running perfectly.

To conclude satisfactory is certainly not a word to describe the service and our Ely businesses at all!