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Midsummer madness hit the U.K. this week in the form of mistaken identity. After an hour or so of talking about the state of the world economy Mr. O’Bama (as he is known when in Ireland) thanked our esteemed Chancellor of the Exchequer and called him Jeff!!!! Not once but, three times he uttered the name ‘Jeff’! He obviously thought he was either a) the legendary soul singer called Jeff Osborne or b) Jeff Vader the brother of Star Wars legend and father of Luke Skywalker!!

Sometimes the company you associate with can become boring and one can easily be distracted, not so though our chums at The Atrium Club. On Friday 21st they dressed up to celebrate two events namely, National Flip Flop Day and Wrong Trousers Day in aid of their chosen local charities. NFF Day was started in the USA by cafe franchise ‘Tropical Smoothie’ whilst WTD was inspired by the Wallace and Gromit productions of Nick Park and raises funds for sick children in hospitals and hospices. Let’s hope they found their proper garments at the end of the day. Well done to all!

If the recent heat wave (did you blink and miss it?) is still rebounding in your head and you fancy a bit of exercise then why not contact our friends at Hearing Dogs who kindly inform us that they have a few places left for their running team entered in the Great North Run on Saturday 15 September 2013. If interested please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. you don’t have to be barking and it’s all in a good cause!

Now then, we have it on good authority that those jovial folk at Jolly Good (Van Hire et al) pulled out all the stops to ensure they got one of their account customers to Germany on time. When told one Sunday evening that a client’s flight had been cancelled, thanks to the Jolly 24 hour helpline a car was arranged for said client. First thing Monday morning the client e-mailed saying they had arrived safely in Frankfurt and thanked them for their expediency. Thanks to the Jolly Good Team the ‘wurst’ scenario was avoided (good link or what!).

And finally, a BIG THANK YOU goes out from the Your Ely team to Zahid and his crew at Sylhet for his kind spirited gift of tasty savoury treats and specialist desserts which he kindly provided to the Your Ely Market Stall last Saturday. A grand day was had by all and the Indian delicacies went down a treat!

Midsummer Day was last Friday so officially the nights will now be drawing in as we approach Autumn, if Summer was good for you please drop us a line and let us know! Not many shopping days left to Christmas so avoid the queues and hit those Ely shops NOW!