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No sooner is Christmas over with, on the horizon like a rabid mad dog, along comes the promise of Easter and before that Valentine’s Day. Were it not for religion we would not experience many of these celebrations. Whilst founded in religious doctrine St. Valentine’s Day is not obliging of a day’s holiday however, gifts to a loved one courtesy of a universal ‘marketing campaign’ seem the order of the day. A bunch of roses in January might set you back £5 however, get near February the 14th and a visit to your financial advisor to purchase said item might be required! Visit Holland on 15th February and you can’t find a florist for love nor money as they are all in their local Porsche and Mercedes dealerships fighting over the latest model with their ill gotten floral gains! Only joking, I meant Ferrari dealership! There are lots of myths and legend surrounding this particular saint ranging from out and out acts of martyrdom to, “cor blimey guv’nor get over yourself!”

Holding a place dear to our hearts here at the Your Ely inner sanctum are some snippets we have received in our office.

We hear all the ladies who visited the Quilt Event Coffee Morning had a fantastic time. We saw the gorgeous nibbles and homemade cakes that the Sew Much To Do Team had made. They certainly know how to enjoy themselves!

Price Bailey has notched up yet another award. This time they were the winners of ‘Forensic Accounting Firm of the Year in England’ at the Corporate INTL Global Awards 2014. I always think the addition of ‘forensic’ into a sentence lends an air of mystery to it doesn’t it?

Our very own ‘forensic team’ has recently been doing some research on some of our YourEly businesses and were very interested to find out that Tindalls was established in 1887 and were originally printers of sheet music. They have increased their repertoire so to speak since that time and you can purchase a wide variety of artist and stationery materials.

The image of Ely has been captured in many forms over the centuries and we recently received an image of an evocative painting from the great artist J.M.W Turner “Ely from the South East” As Christine at the internet marketing company pointed out - it could have been painted yesterday.

With all the above said, it is now time for me to purchase my dearly beloved a Valentine gift. Roses and chocolates I fear are a bit too passé. This year it has got to be that ferocious of green liquids, not Fairy liquid (other washing up brands are available!) not for my better half no way! My dearest and nearest deserves the best money can buy; I’m off to the wine merchants because as we all know it is ‘absinthe that makes the heart grow fonder’. As Frankie Howerd used to say, “please yourselves!”