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Now that Christmas 2013 has been consigned to the recycle bin of destiny I want to share with you a thought I had during the yuletide log period namely, no one writes Christmas Carols anymore. According to my research the last one of any notoriety and written in ENGLISH was in 1957 and called ‘Little Drummer Boy’. Therefore, in my ‘world’ I beg the question, “have we exhausted all the Christmas songs too?” Every year a new generation is exposed to Slade, Wizzard, Live Aid, Perry Como, Sir Cliff, Wham etc.etc. most of whom if not already dead are impendingly close to their maker. In business terms, “is this a defunct market?” and is this the reason ‘The X Factor’ and the Simon Cowell stable has taken over the ‘Christmas single’ in recent times? In business terms therefore, we should be looking for new opportunities and new markets (as opposed to Newmarket which can be found some 12 miles or so from our great city of Ely!). I propose we give Morris Dancing and Molly men a summer makeover and search for a Summer Solstice hit from Ely!

Having got that gem off my chest we were in touch with some of our friends over the Christmas period and heard some of their resolutions for 2014.

Zahid at Sylhet told us he was looking forward to participating in many more local community initiatives during the forthcoming year as he did in 2013.

At King’s Ely we hope that all the children returning to a new school year are refreshed and ready for 2014 and what lies ahead. That goes for the staff there too!

Rumour has it (“don’t listen to rumour” as my granny used to say!) that another (“not another!” I hear you ask) movie is to use Ely Cathedral as its setting. Watch this space for more news! I personally hope it’s Transporter 4 with Jason Statham however, I can’t see that occurring myself, in reality, all that car chasing around our glorious City would just not do!

Congratulations abound in abundance to those lovely chaps and chapesses at Jolly Good Van Hire who recently celebrated their 5,000th hire! When asked they said; “it was really nice that our 5,000th rental went to one of our regular long term customers!”

the Atrium things are not what they seem to the outside world as unlike the rest of us mortals who will be striving to gain fitness, the ‘Team’ at the Atrium will be “maintaining their fitness” (get you love!). It goes with the job!

“Und endlich” as they say in Schleswig- Holstein, the Crew at Page Fine Jewellery kindly sent through some of their New Year Resolutions which included “to be more patient with others, try to be there more for others and save money for important things!” Aaw, how cute is that?

That as they say on Crimewatch U.K.” is all for now folks” and remember, this is not real life and nobody died or suffered serious loss in the making of this production. Have a good week!