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One swallow does not a summer make! Just when you thought it was safe, the weather seemed to be warming up a bit, flowers and trees are blossoming, birds are singing, cats are stalking and gets colder than it has been all winter! I sometimes forget we are an island race and with it come the ever changing weather fronts. The good burghers of Ely district have been out and about though, an intrepid lot of bipods, with their very smart phones or their little cameras taking snaps of the flora and fauna that make up our ‘wee’ city. It’s a very photogenic place set amidst a bare and flat environment, it is an oasis in the centre of a vast region of reclaimed land. Its unique character lends itself to those with vision and an artistic bent as has been ably demonstrated over the centuries. Here at Your Ely Towers we constantly receive ancient and modern representations of our beautiful little city. It’s noteworthy that Turner made several visits to this area and captured Ely in a sort of Venetian light. Certainly, on the various routes approaching Ely and on a misty morning or glowing sunset of an evening, the majesty of the cathedral and the surrounding landscape give it an air of nobleness afforded to very few places.

Our good friends at Jolly Good Van recently sent us a lovely study of a beautiful daffodil, a simple flower in essence which, when seen in its hundreds create a yellow carpet effect around the city from riverbanks to verges.

Ely Cathedral is delighted to be exhibiting The Sarum Cycle paintings. The Sarum Cycle is a series of 13 painted meditations on the Passion of Christ by Nicholas Mynheer. The exhibition takes its name from the Roman name for Salisbury, having first been displayed in Salisbury Cathedral in 2007. Since then they have been displayed in a different location each year during Lent. These evocative and thought provoking paintings will be on display in the Lady Chapel from 25th March – 25th April.

Art comes in various forms in Ely! The Team from Sylhet were on hand at the recent Ely Bollywood Fair where they took part in the cooking demonstrations as well as providing lots of delicious food for the visitors to sample and enjoy.

You may remember around Valentine’s Day Page Fine Jewellery provided us with a lovely romantic story about one of their male customers who brought in his girlfriend’s favourite ring which had originally belonged to her grandmother to be remodelled. You will see a photo of the completed engagement ring on our Facebook page, it really is a jewel to behold.

Regular readers of this column will be pleased to know that my chum Roger the Rook has instilled some leadership skills at last into his rook community. They have gone from one sad little nest to an eventual almost urban development in the tree at the rear of my property. Leadership by example, well done Rog!!!!