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Practically everyone I have met in the last 10 days has shared the same ‘hot topic’ in my presence namely, “have you switched on your central heating yet?” The somewhat British obsession with daily weather conditions and indoor temperature never fails to amuse me. None of us have any control over the weather yet this subject has without doubt become the precursor to any conversation when two people meet. The ‘weather cushion intro’ obviously takes the individual to a level of safety from which they can bounce forwards and upwards into “how are the children now they’re back at school” or “has Frank had his operation yet?” The ‘weather cushion intro’ obviously enables the person to lead into other areas of conversation from which they can then deviate and go merrily on their way.

Not so however, our dear friends at David Clark who have cunningly launched their latest innovation to get our attention. Their starter for 10 points is the introduction of 3D floor plans thus enabling potential buyers to get a feel of the space within and help them to visualise their potential new dream home!

Turning the perception into a real dimension is something Michael at Ely Computers has been doing over recent days describing this current time zone as “University Advice Time”. Laptops are an essential item for the student and as such many a parent or grandparent has been seeking his advice as to which laptop to purchase capable of delivering essays, presentations so on and so forth. If you need that sort of advice then Michael is your man, so get along to Ely Computers now and get on the right wavelength.

In an equally technical yet more established setting, Tindalls tell us that their recent programme of demonstrations have not only been well attended but, also there are usually several attendees who having watched an artist demonstrate their skills then proceed to the till with a selection of products they are keen to try themselves! The dimension of leading by example is thriving at Tindalls on the market square.

And finally within their own dimension the cheery Team at Spa Ely are proud to announce their initiative to support small businesses via a ‘pop up’ retail area. If you would like to explore the opportunity of having a presence in their beautiful Spa building then please just get in touch to tell us more about your business! The window of opportunity beckons.

Have a great week; I do wish the weather would improve; silly me – it’s autumn isn’t it