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Since my last item of news Germany has won the world cup (no surprise there then, only that it didn’t go to penalties despite the extra time!); ‘Murray Mound’ was squished by a young chap called Djokovic and parts of the world are hell bent on killing each other or blowing innocent people out of the skies. On a positive note it was good to see into the future of Scotland if their opening of the Commonwealth Games is anything to go by. It’s nice to see value for money as to what £20 million can buy in the form of a clapped out old bus, an extra wide screen and an ageing Rod Stewart, not to mention a giant kilt with something that purported to be ‘Nessie’ writhing forth from it. Different if nothing else! Meanwhile in Ely we have had various local festivals attended by many who were entranced by Ely’s hinterland and its photographic beauty. The weather has been stupendous and still you get the quota of moaning Minnies who (in front of me at a local supermarket the other day) whinged incessantly about “the unbearable heat”! “Madam”, I said, “it probably has something to do with the fact that it is officially summer”! Or in all likelihood it has something more to do with the fact you are a natural moribund type who wouldn’t recognise a half full glass of optimism if it walked up to you in the street and gave you a jolly good slap as per the ‘Tango adverts’. It wouldn’t do for us all to be the same I suppose however, we are luckier than some to live in a relatively unspoilt landscape despite local politicians and politically correct do-gooders efforts to muck it up for us simple folk! And therefore my dear reader with the theme of simplicity in mind I have selected some of the more ‘simple’ things that have come across my desk during July to tell you about.

To view the photographs to which I refer in the following text please do not hesitate in visiting the Your ely Facebook site to view these great exhibits.

Michael at Ely Computers spotted a photograph which shows the older part of the East Cambridgeshire District Council offices in Nutholt Lane. He wanted to know how many of our Followers remember that it used to be the Grange Maternity House from about 1940 – 1970. Photograph courtesy of Pam Blakeman Cambridgeshire Community Archive Network. If anyone reading this was born there please let us know!

The Team at Sylhet are used to receiving unusual requests however; this is a favourite one of theirs. Having moved away from Ely a customer was missing the wonderful food at Sylhet so much that he called to arrange for a very special take away delivery to be taken to Ely station – so when his train en route to Cambridge pulled in, the Sylhet Team were there to deliver his favourite dishes so that he could enjoy them when he got back to his new home in Cambridge. That’s one way to curry favour!

Thank you to our friends at Jolly Good Van Hire who spotted a photograph of a very familiar van to Ely people in the 1930’s/1940’s; Newstead’s Fish, Game and Poultry Merchants. We were also fascinated to see the phone number on the side 46! Photograph courtesy of Pam Blakeman, Cambridgeshire Community Archive Network.

We were very impressed to hear about the entrepreneurial skills of children at King’s Ely Acremont who recently were learning the basics of business enterprise by making and selling their own food and drinks to children from other year groups. Not only did they make home-made cookies and decorate them but also were involved in the entire production process, from creating the produce to designing chef hats, aprons and marketing materials. The cookies look yummy too!

Farewell for now and remember to use lots of sun factor, it might get warm out there!