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To the tune by Gershwin: “Summertime, And we’re living in Ely, Fish are jumpin’ And the otters are high!”.................

There’s something in the air in Ely, that or the fact the sun is out and giving the good people of our city a vitamin D fix which ironically is sometimes actually known as the “sunshine vitamin” !

With this in mind we recount a story told to us this week about those fit folk up at The Atrium Club who as part of a team building workshop were asked to hold a cane lightly in their hands and lower it to the ground without dropping it. Needless to say, this task isn’t as easy as it is made to sound as the Atrium Team made numerous attempts and kept letting go. Not only is this a ‘fun game’ but, also demonstrates the need for good communication within a team. Goes to show you don’t need expensive high tech gadgetry to impress the love of your life, sometimes a stick and a sense of well being can make all the difference!

From sticks we move to stems, of a flowery nature I might add. The Ely Cathedral Team following 12 months preparation are readying themselves for the 20th June 2013 when all their hard work comes into bloom for The Ely Cathedral Flower FestivalRoger Woolnough Creative Director of the big event and a gold medal winner at Chelsea and Hampton Court said the challenge had been “to think big in order to have the desired impact”. Picture this, a 34 metre ‘river’ of a focal point consisting of over 40,000 flowers in over 80 floral exhibits! Definitely all things bright and beautiful!

Vulcanisation as you all know is a process to make rubber items more durable. Did you know though there is a ‘vulcan’ operating out of Ely Tyre Services. Working with our Business Members at Your Ely makes us privy to certain information and ‘factoids’ and apparently there is more than one keen Trekkie among their numbers at this renowned purveyor of things rubbery and spherical.....................may the force be with you!

And finally, you may recall our recent tale about the Romanian trip at Jolly Good Van Hire well, it seems Europe is on their agenda again as they currently have hire cars both in France and Gibraltar as well as one taking a family to Euro Disney. Here’s hoping no one gets up to any Mickey Mouse tricks on those journeys!