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So that was Easter! The weather lived up to the usual Bank Holiday expectations and so did the traffic which was in abundance on the Thursday before Good Friday and Easter Monday. Why anyone wants to go out and join millions of others just sitting in a stationary queue baffles me. Then there is the lobotomised quota of morons who think that by sitting on your bumper in a 50 mph average speed zone gives them a God given right to be in front of you also baffles me (as you have probably guessed I have substituted these words for what I would really like to say)! The good news this week is that Cornwall has been granted ‘national minority status’ – hoorah I hear you say! What is going on? There again, anyone who creates an edible delight with fruit on one side and meat and potato on the other then sticks it down their trousers to eat later after a shift at the local tin mine SHOULD be given minority status.

Thank goodness there is benevolence and forward thinking in abundance in parts of Ely. Sixth Form students from King’ Ely were determined that local children facing times of crisis would receive something special to celebrate this Easter. The students collected 200 Easter eggs, double the amount collected last year to donate to Ely Foodbank, a charity which provides emergency food to families in the area. Well done to you ‘guys’ (modern terminology for joint genders).

Our friends at Jolly Good Van Hire recently sent us a photo of a horse drawn delivery van outside what was International Stores in Forehill. The photo, courtesy of Pam Blakeman, Cambridge Community Archive Network was believed to have been taken between 1910 and 1920. Visit Your Ely Facebook page to view it.

On the subject of food again together with the Team at Sylhet we have been doing some research to find the first reference to a curry recipe in Britain. The book in which the first curry recipe appeared in 1747 was ‘The Art of Cookery made Plain and Easy by Hannah Glasse’. It also contained some other interesting recipes; “To make a number of pretty little dishes for a Supper or Side Dish” and “For Captains of Ships; how to make all useful things for a voyage!” The winter nights must have flown by on the good ship Lollipop. Mind you I would like to see John the Toad and Gregg Wallet keel hauled for their innocuous, sanctimonious drivel with which they bain marie their culinary hostages on Meister Chief!

And finally, a big thank you goes to Ella, Ellie and Abbie, members of 4th Ely Guides who have been very busy baking cakes to raise money on their cake stall for Hearing Dogs for The Deaf. The cakes must have been delicious as they raised £85.

I wonder if Prickwillow will achieve ‘national minority status’ in the next round of improbable events, that or ‘bog snorkelling’ at Ten Mile Bank gets accepted into the next Olympics; the world has gone mad!