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“Summer has set in with its usual severity” Samuel Taylor Coleridge once commented!

Despite the respite in last weekend’s climate, another foal was born in the paddock behind the Cathedral this week.

And, in spite of the downturn in temperature there is always the welcome opportunity to curry favour with our friends at Sylhet who will help you to spice up your life with a taste of the East. In a poll conducted in July 2011 the once popular Masala type dish was well and truly kicked into 8th position by the ‘new kid on the block’ the one and only Jalfrezi. Containing a substantial amount of chilli it’s obvious things are hotting up in British households for this meal to become the first choice. Whether you are going to watch the big game on TV or unexpected friends call in to see you or, you simply have a craving for something hot and indulgent! Don’t delay, contact Sylhet who will be happy to either wait on you at their restaurant in Market Street, Ely or alternatively, deliver their gastronomic delicacies to your door.

If a curry doesn’t buck you up then don’t be deflated, as the expert technicians at Ely Tyre Services will pump up the volume in your wheels! In readiness for the holiday months ahead the team at Ely Tyre Services go that extra mile to ensure your car is safe for those long journeys’ by offering tyre pressure and battery checks, wheel alignment and balancing. Enjoy a coffee and relax in their comfortable reception area while they get to work on your vehicle!

Accountants are (somewhat unfairly) prone to getting bad press from time to time. Not naturally the ‘Mr. Chuckles’ of life, their profession sometimes comes under the hammer. Not however, our thrusting chums at Price Bailey in Ely though! The Ely office is busy raising funds for their chosen charity the Teenage Cancer Trust. May 10th was ‘dress down Friday’ with the theme being red, white or blue football strips in celebration of the FA Cup final between Manchester City and Wigan! In reception at Price Bailey there are football competitions to participate in, among which includes a large bowl of chocolate footballs. Guess the correct number of balls and you guessed it, a bowl of chocolate footballs!!! Who’d have thought it eh? Man City and Wigan in the final; even an accountant wouldn’t have put money on that happening!