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Thank goodness for Sky HD boxes and devices of a similar nature! When I was a child one of the highlights of Christmas alongside seeing family members and eating the ‘usual’ Christmas fare on offer was Christmas Day TV offerings. The highlight for me was always The Morecambe and Wise Christmas Special which started I think in the 1960s’ and went through the 1970s’ with the likes of The Two Ronnies taking over the gig in due course. I had a nap after cooking the Christmas meal and watched my dear relatives consume the efforts of my labours only to awake to the sound of an old M & W Chrissy Special! I looked at the impending TV schedule to notice that there were offerings of Dad’s Army and the aforementioned Two Ronnies. I know the BBC make Doctor Who and whilst it is kind of them to ‘take’ me back to the 60s’ and 70s’ it is slightly depressing to think innovation seems to have bypassed these programmers. If the roles were reversed I don’t think the BBC would be chuffed if I offered them a £10 (circa) annual licence fee they received from my dear departed dad in the 1960’s in return for their sloppy offerings some 40 plus years on!

There are no sloppy offerings to be found in the Ely district this yuletide I am pleased to say! There is an abundance of talented cooks and entrepreneurs among the brigade that make up Your Ely members. Michael at Ely Computers is looking forward to his Christmas when he will be wined and dined by his brother whilst, the Team at Tindalls were all looking forward to being with their families too on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. We think that David Clark has taken his new advertising campaign a little too seriously “The name is Clark, David - licensed to sell! “ and is obviously inspired by Bond movies! Can we look forward to epic productions from the David Clark stable such as “You Only Move Twice”, “Live and Let’s Move”, “Nobody Moves You Better”, “The Estate Agent Who Loved Me”, “Move Another Day” and “The Fee is Not Enough”.

The internet marketing company was looking forward to switching off their PC’s, laptops and androids and switching on their festive spirit with family and friends whilst The Price Bailey Team really looked in a festive spirit as they donned their Christmas Jumpers all in the name of charity. Their recent Dress Down Day raised a further £59 for their chosen charity; Teenage Cancer Trust.

Finally, it just remains for us to wish all our members at Your Ely a very merry Christmas and a successful 2014 when it arrives! I am now going to visit 1966 by way of inspiration for next year’s World Cup; if only England had a Bobby Charlton or a Bobby Moore in this our hour of need. One can dream can’t one?