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The good people of Ely have certainly been out and about during the month of June inundating the Your Ely team with some superb photos both in and around the City. Other than the flora and fauna around the riverside area the most photographed subject has been the Cathedral which not only brings people from far and wide but, also provides a canvas for those budding photographers with an eye for its intricate architecture. We are also impressed with how many photos we receive showing Ely in all its glory in times gone by. It is quite interesting to see how towns not only Ely but, also up and down the land which, once beautiful and quaint architecturally, have been submitted to the ravages of successive town planners, who on a quest for “progress” have in my opinion succeeded in obliterating all that a settlement stood for in its original design. We have a market square which only functions for two days out of seven, why? Progress should be thought out and planned for in the long term. Ask the current incumbent of the England football management crown; if anyone knows about future investment then there’s a man! I can’t let June go by without a footy reference, it would be an opportunity missed. I was watching a game last night for example during which, feeling a bit peckish I was inspired to go out and nibble something Italian! It’s funny how football can influence so many during a world cup. What’s more, and on the subject of all things spherical, Wimbledon has started whilst compiling this drivel. I am medically working off my ‘World Cup fever’ for it only to be replaced with a ‘Murray Mound’ or a bad dose of ‘Henman Hill’. I hope there is a Nadal versus Federer final then I feel I can justifiably munch on paella or salivate over rősti. Whatever the outcome I won’t allow my dentures to accidentally on purpose impale themselves on a bit of ‘shoulder’! There must be easier ways to attract attention vicar!!

During June we received many interesting photographs depicting local scenes. To view these and many more please visit the Your Ely Facebook page to enjoy these visual delights!

Thanks go to the Team at Jolly Good Van Hire who spotted a photograph taken in 1970 of lorry loads of sugar beet being unloaded at Ely Beet Factory. Photograph courtesy of Pearl at Cambridgeshire Community Archive Network

The team at King’s Ely kindly sent us along a few more interior shots of the wonderfully restored Bishop’s Palace. We love the fact that many original features remain and are now incorporated into what is a very elegant and contemporary learning environment for King’s Ely 6th Form students.

A World Cup inspired watch face was kindly supplied by Page Fine Jewellery. I think there will be lots of football fans checking their watches throughout 90 important minutes; sadly the ‘stop watch’ function featured prominently too early in England’s campaign!

Thank you to David Clark and Team who kindly spotted another photograph of Ely High Street from the late 50s’. Photograph courtesy of Beth Lane, Cambridgeshire Community Archive Network. I am sure you will have spotted the familiar frontage of Burrows Newsagents?

We at Your Ely towers look forward to hearing from you and to bring you more news next month by which stage we will all know who the world cup football winners and the Wimbledon tennis champions are. Come on McEnroe; new balls umpire!!!