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The impending surge of warmer weather within the Ely environs has already brought with it the usual unsurprising level of stupidity. Once again we have had visited upon us the crop of lobotomised van drivers who think their vehicles are small enough to negotiate the underpass next to the railway station level crossing only to discover they are actually driving a ‘mobile wedge’. No sooner does that happen then we have the annual car park debacle whereby the visiting ‘fair’ inhabits one of the largest car parks in Ely! What then follows, amazingly, is a vehicular Rubik’s cube of mayhem for a period of days when drivers’ who driven out of their regular habitat scurry around the town in a desperate and forlorn manner for somewhere to ditch their cars in order to go about their daily business. Note to the fair organisers’; “get a field guys!” goodness knows there are plenty around Ely and who knows, you might get more customers, as visitors will be able to park somewhere, like say, a car park which is not inhabited by rides and fake rocket ships! On a more positive note it was good to hear that viola persicifolia or Fen Violet to you and me has made resurgence out at Wicken Fen. This cheeky wee flower has not been seen since 2003 apparently. So where has it been I ask? Probably looking for a car parking space in Ely and since there aren’t any it decided to holiday this year at Wicken – good decision!

During the very merry month of May we received many interesting photographs depicting local scenes. To view these and many more please visit the Your Ely Facebook page to enjoy these visual snippets.

Christine from the internet marketing company found an interesting postcard of Ely on an auction website showing a view of our beautiful river and a glimpse of The Cathedral. You can clearly see The Cutter Inn in the background however; there is little information on the date of this view which some of you think could be around the 1970s’.

We have received lots of lovely photographs of our wonderful Cathedral recently; both interior and exterior shots and this is a really interesting view looking down on The Octagon Tower and The Lady Chapel with the Fens stretching as far as the eye can see in the background.

Michael at Ely Computers is very lucky to have the lovely Jubilee Gardens opposite his business and he kindly sent us a photograph of the interesting roof feature on the Maltings and the lovely blue sky!

Thanks go to David Clark who sent us a wonderful aerial view of Ely taken in the 1920’s. The photo is taken looking down Cambridge Road with the Workhouse in the foreground on the left and the distinctive Water Tower nearby. Photo courtesy of Ray Wells (Cambridgeshire Community Archive Network).

We look forward to bringing you more tasty local snippets next month for you to digest at your leisure that is if I can remember where I parked my car to get home with! I’m sure it was around here somewhere, I certainly don’t remember that rocket being parked next to it. I think I’ll buy a van; on second thoughts it might not fit under that bridge, doesn’t really matter though does it?