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The news that we could have another ‘George’ on the throne (not in my lifetime I suspect!) heightened the spirits in Ely last week as Ely Cathedral was smothered internally with copious bunting. In addition a commemorative book was initiated where messages of a congratulatory nature can be left for the happy new parents’ of the future King.

Those of you with a ‘keep fit’ disposition and the belief that you actually will see a ‘George’ in your lifetime might wish to participate in the ‘Summer Fitness Challenge’ currently on offer at the Atrium Club. The lucky winner (determined by points rewarded for effort) will receive the prize of an ‘i Pod’ with which presumably you can jog, bounce, and even gyrate in a physical manner, to your favourite beat combo!

Is your life spiced up at the moment? If not then follow the example told to us by Zahid the owner of Sylhet the other day. He went up to a gentleman who dines at Sylhet every two weeks to ask if he was local. To Zahid’s surprise the man said he was on business from York every fortnight and his visit to the restaurant was his “high spot” for not only the delicious food but, also “the welcoming family atmosphere” Sylhet provides. By George he’s got it!

For a jolly good experience of another kind why not pay a visit to those jolly good chaps at Jolly Good Van Hire who can also satisfy punters with their Jolly Good Car Hire by supplying cars less than 12 months old, offering 24 hour RAC cover, fully inclusive of insurance and unlimited mileage. All in all you will be assured of a “Jolly Good” all round customer experience.

If you wish to mark the arrival of a new Prince of Cambridge in style, why not pop into Page Fine Jewellery who has an array of beautiful gifts for you or your loved ones. They really can put the ‘jewel in the crown’ for that exquisite touch.

Now then, what do 5000 teabags, 100 litres of milk, 80 cartons of orange juice, 70 packets of pasta, 60 cans of soup, 20 boxes of cereal and 30 bags of rice have to do with cabbages and kings? Could old Heston Bloomenschtoff be making a giant smoothie, or could Nigella just be rummaging in her pantry for an interim snack I hear you ask! No way; these are just some of the articles kindly donated and collected by King’s Ely Juniors since January 2013 for Ely Foodbank. King’s Ely Junior’s Head,Richard Whymark said “the students welcomed the chance to participate in the excellent work of this local charity and have been keen to demonstrate that with privilege comes responsibility”.

I still think a King Louis 1 would help annex Anglo French relations going forward........still, what’s in a name eh?