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This recent run of good weather, news of a Royal Birth and apparent growth in the U.K. economy can all contribute to a general ‘feel good factor’. Certainly walking around the ‘City’ in the last few days’ people generally look a bit more upbeat.

Our contacts at Price Bailey have recently been hitting the news and putting smiles on people’s faces with their generous donation of £945 to their chosen charity Teenage Cancer Trust. A combination of effort in the shape of dress down days, indoor picnics, raffles and various jolly japes have really helped in this great achievement. Well done ladies and gentlemen atPrice Bailey !

Now, talking of faces if you visit Tindalls between 29th July and 2nd August you can see a whole array of demonstrations aimed at children especially on Saturday 2nd August when face painting will be order of the day! While Mum and Dad are waiting for wee George (popular new name!!) to be transformed into say a tiger, a lion or even a liger they can munch awhile on some culinary delights’ courtesy of Tindalls staff. Again, with ‘giving’ in mind, all proceeds made from these events are to go to Arthur Rank Hospice based in Cambridge.

Whilst the little darlings at Lancaster Lodge have been enjoying the sunshine in their lovely surroundings, the staff have been seeking ways for everyone to keep cool by having picnics in the shade of the trees located in the ‘wild’ area or just by splashing about in the paddling pool with the help of plenty of ice-cool drinks! Lashings of ginger beer and cucumber sandwiches come to mind, yum yum!

On the subject of food a little bird tells us that David Clark and his family are keen lovers of Indian food, not only eating it but, also creating dishes. Ely’s very own version of Rick Stein minus camera and production crew of twenty or so has published some of his favourite recipes on his website inclusive of comments and notes! To curry favour from David and his team’s recipes, visit the ‘Newsletter’ zone of his website

And finally, if ‘chilling’ (in the literal sense) is your thing then you really must indulge yourself with a visit to Spa ely where you can have treatments in the comfort of air conditioned treatment rooms despite the uncomfortable heat outside. A few recent quotes are enclosed namely; “I find Spa ely a most relaxing and enjoyable place to visit” “Spa ely offers so many different treatments and I look forward to each visit and know that I will be given a very warm and friendly welcome”.

So everyone, chill out until we meet next!