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Three letter acronyms get to me. Take the other day for example; I was following signs to the University of East Anglia and the next thing I knew I was getting off a plane in the United Arab Emirates. Likewise, when I first moved into the Fens good friends and colleagues of mine brimmed with a glow of expectant excitement when they told me about the ‘Fen celery’ and the ‘Fen carrot’. I couldn’t wait for the Saturday market to burst into life on the Ely market place so I could purchase aforementioned comestibles and take them home to try them. Now don’t get me wrong, they tasted very nice however, the hype with which these items were sold to me didn’t quite match the mental images which I had attached to these ‘exotic’ vegetables. When opening up and eventually tasting the ‘Fen celery’ and ‘Fen carrot’ to my amazement they tasted of........................celery and carrot! The only difference I detected from my normal purchases was the amount of black soil I had to extract before munching on said items. Weekly purchases of those and other Fen based produce ensured that I now have sufficient black soil in my own vegetable patch with which to recreate that ‘magical’ moment for myself.

Promising one thing and delivering another is not a problem at Spa ely where Fiona McDuff the dazzling winner of Cambridge’s first ever ‘Bake Off’ competition is to open the first ever ‘pop-up’ patisserie in Spa ely. Your Ely has enabled this unique opportunity and everyone working on the project is excited at the prospect!

For the promise of the ‘tempting and exotic’ then you really need to pay a visit to Tindalls and experience their fantastic selection of stunning gift wrap and Christmas stationery. You too can have that Ferrero Rocher Ambassadorial moment as you wistfully let your fingers dance majestically between the striking sheets of tempting papers on display!

Meanwhile, back in planet Ely! David Clark and his Team is really pleased to welcome a new member of staff. Charlotte will be bringing an international flavour to the office having lived in Sweden and worked in Foreign Currency Exchange. Charlotte will be working in the admin side of the business. Let’s hope she enjoys the smorgasbord known as Ely!

Not ones to pine for the fjords or feign tears for the demise of the Norwegian blue parrot are the Your Ely girls, a formidable and resourceful duo with years of experience under their belts they are pleased to give a very warm welcome to their latest Your Ely member the locally renowned the internet marketing company. They are rightly proud to have one of the UK’s leading online marketing specialists on board who are better still, based in the local area.

Off now to make carrot and celery soup once I have removed all the mud off the things. Question is, would Heston remove the soil or would it be a part of his ‘carrot and celery’ designer branding for Christmas 2013? Look out for the ‘East Cambridgeshire Black Gold’ designer vegetable varieties in a roadside store near you this Christmas!