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We open this week’s news with a feeling of warmth and oriental inspiration with thanks to local Feng Shui (pronounced Feng Shway) ‘expert’ David Clark who informs us that the front door of our property is the “mouth of chi” with ‘chi’ being the ‘life force’ of all things! Apparently increased home sales can benefit from observing 5 key Feng Shui concepts and here’s little old me thinking it had something to do with positioning and the right price not to mention prospective neighbours, future planning initiatives and the environment e.g. otters, birds and the lovely Fens. Visit David Clark’s website to experience the 5 Feng Shui concepts! May the force be with you as you enter the ‘portal of contentment’ and may opportunity and abundance coupled with good fortune embrace your door jamb, as we say in the house moving business!

If the aesthetics surrounding Feng Shui are a bit obtuse for some of you, then you may wish to visit Tindalls for a more tangible experience by running your hands seductively through the lasciviously presented handmade gift wrap and lovingly produced homemade papers available in a wide range of vibrant colours’ and patterns. For the more esoteric individual then indulge yourself in gift bags or gift boxes .........purr….fect!!!!!

Now then where were we? The lovely Team at Sew Much To Do have, following recent workshops at their establishment inspired a group of ladies to form the Ely Patchwork and Quilting Club. They intend to meet every 1st and 3rd Friday between 1000hrs and 1400hrs at Sew Much To Do. Members are encouraged to take along a sandwich (flavours optional) and refreshments where the ladies can enjoy sharing sewing experiences as well as friendship in an atmosphere of mutual conviviality and well being! Just what the doctor ordered!

If you are strolling out and about in the wondrous environs that form the City of Ely then keep an eye out for the Team at Lancaster Lodge who this month have been taking the toddlers on nature walks, wild flower picking and general nature spotting! One wonders what the budding little ‘Ray Mears’ of the future will be getting up to next, we at Your Ely wish them well in their future quests!