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Welcome to YourEly

We are thrilled and excited that the launch of YourEly is now only days away and will strengthen links between the city’s local shops and businesses and its community.

More than 1,800 community members have so far joined YourEly – and this figures continues to grow each day. This is a fantastic endorsement for our vision and clearly demonstrates the desire of local people to shop locally and support local businesses.

We are also honoured that our MP Sir James Paice can attend the launch and speak to our members on Friday, 19 April in support of this initiative and its unique social media platform.

We would like to thank local shops and business owners who joined YourEly from the start, the trailblazers who gave us their vote of confidence and believed in us. It makes us all the more determined to succeed on your behalf!

Like us, they share our hope that Ely will continue to thrive as an economic centre at a time when high streets and trade around the country is in decline, recognising the need to adapt to modern consumer trends. Like us, they are buoyed by the tremendous community support and understand the considerable value of this, how local people want to know more about what is on offer and the services they provide. There is no doubt that local people want to support local businesses - and we can’t wait to get started!

If you wish to be part of our growing community, you can register for free for news updates by clicking this link.

And we welcome hearing from other shops and businesses who are interested in joining, including home-based micro businesses, you can contact us here for further information. We would love to add your details too and let local people know what you have to offer.

We are also very proud to support local good causes which are the heart beat of our community by highlighting free of charge their fund-raising and promotional events. We recognised the significance of this when speaking to people in the community and believe they provide an added dimension for YourEly members who want to know how they can support their local good causes.

We are confident our high street and businesses in Ely are more than alive and kicking – they are bursting with enthusiasm and proud of their unrivalled service, quality products and what they offer.

Please watch this space, and we will tell you more very soon.