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Well, what a funny old month September was! Scotland is still in Scotland; Hadrian’s Wall didn’t have any height added. A Salmon(d) and a Sturgeon didn’t rule the waves and a former ‘British’ Prime Minister was resurrected to be the forgotten part of the U.K.’s mouthpiece. Apparently the Queen “purred” according to ‘Call Me Dave’. I wonder if Her Majesty takes kindly to being compared to a cat? Not bad if you’re the one in the ‘Sheba’ advert but, not a good look if you are Bagpuss! And meanwhile in The Humongous City which is Ely, life trundled on oblivious. I wonder if Ely will devolve? My manifesto would include a bigger bridge near the railway station so white- van drivers’ can actually navigate it with or without their obligatory full frontal lobotomy. I would make Broad Street live up to its name and make it ‘wider’. Free dog poop bags for all would be my chant (even if you don’t own a dog!), they could come in handy for those boiled sweets that citizens of a certain age crave yet, could inflict severe damage on even the resilient of false dentures. You can’t just spit them out onto any old pavement Doris! And last but, not least I would turn all side streets into the next F1 Grand Prix for Bernie Ecclestone. Oops, silly me, that’s already happened in the centre every evening after 6 pm when the children with their ‘hot hatches’ come out to play!

Note to self – do not mix my medication with a cup of Horlicks!!

You don’t see any of this Tomfoolery from the Team at Page Fine Jewellery, the lengths fiancés will go to ensuring their romantic proposal is not ruined by a ring which either turns their girlfriend’s finger blue as it is too tight or a ring which is so large that time is spent retrieving it from the floor. Prospective fiancés invent devious means to borrow their girlfriend’s favourite ring in order to get the right size. Now there’s a factoid!

David Clark sent us a lovely photo on the Cambridgeshire Community Archive Network of the White Hart Hotel located on Market Place. The photograph courtesy of Beth Lane was taken around 1910. The hotel was closed in 1986. They could build aesthetic looking constructions at that time.

Christine at the internet marketing company told us about the reintroduction of the very rare tansy beetle to Wicken Fen, 32 years after it was last seen at the reserve. It is very distinctive and eye catching with a metallic and phosphorescent- like appearance. Please don’t tread on it; I will likely not be around in another 32 years.........hopefully!

And finally......................................we never tire of seeing interesting views of our wonderful Ely Cathedral. Whatever is happening of insignificance in the rest of the universe we are always impressed with how many fantastic views and aspects we receive every month of that fantastic ‘Ship of the Fens’ which has been drawing attention for centuries. It puts all the rest of the inconsequential blurb into perspective!