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What a week! Roy and his ‘boys’ have qualified for the world cup finals in Brazil; The US of A is open again for business and according to art experts Van Gogh discovered ‘colour’ when he set up residency in France. Apparently, all the time he was in The Netherlands he was devoid of ‘colour’. Now then; I have been to Holland and unless things have changed since Van Gogh’s demise I actually found it quite colourful myself, especially in the Spring time. They also have some colourful place names, Scheveningen; pronounced Schreeeevenningggggennnn (Welsh language- like on steroids!) comes to mind. Whilst most visual records show old Vincent minus one ear, I certainly didn’t credit him with colour-blindness or the ability to only open his eyes once he arrived at the French border. Picture the scene; border guard to Vincent: “aah monsieur let me dazzle you wiz ze brightness of our little country and its baguettes of colourful delight....enjoy your stay!” There again you never truly know someone do you, unless you live with them!

If colour and ghoulish fun are your ‘thing’ then I recommend a trip along to Tindalls on Tuesday 29th October as they are running individual sessions for children to create their very own ‘scary spiders’ and ghosts! Give them a call and book in your little monster now! Alternatively, if you want to bring colour to their face then visit on Thursday 31st October when Corinne Blandin will be ‘in store’ face painting that’s a bright idea isn’t it?

Price Bailey will brighten up your day and add colour to your organisation if you bob along to their annual and popular ‘jargon free’ update for Employers on Pensions day on Tuesday 29th October 2013 at The Quy Mill Hotel Cambridge.

David Clark and his team reliably inform us that their latest version of their app for iOS, Android and Windows is now available. Your device should let you know when an upgrade is required however, if you haven’t downloaded their latest app then just visit their website and follow the necessary links. It’s a great way to keep up to date on what’s new to the market or if there are any significant price changes.

Whilst Van Gogh’s hearing and sight have been brought into question one hopes his olfactory sense is up to the mark especially where Spa ely’s unique aromatherapy is concerned! A recent customer quotes as follows “I am a recent convert to Aromatherapy but Spa ely and Aromatherapy is a magical combination. After years of tossing and turning all night I am sleeping. What a difference it makes. Amazing!”

What’s more, all this happens in Ely; it truly is a colourful palette in which to live!