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What do “The Voice” and fish fingers have in common? After two or three minutes, you have to turn them over.

Not so though those little cherubs at Lancaster Lodge who twice a month have a special morning of making music, singing and dancing, a bit like Britain’s Got Talent except it contains ‘talent’! Rumour has it that the staff enjoys it just as much as the children. I wonder if any of the judges have to wear very high waisted trousers?

For a winning act, look no further than the Price Bailey Team who is for the third year running listed in the Top 25 Accountancy Firms in the U.K. Sadly, they don’t have a large trophy to display in their office so we thought we would blow their trumpet for them in our weekly news! It shows one can ‘account’ for good taste!

Those knowledgeable folk at David Clark have been pointing us in the direction of some notable local buildings, in particular Ely Station which opened in 1847. At the time ‘The London Illustrated News’ referred to it as “an extensive pile in a pleasing mix of Grecian and Italian styles”. Sometimes, ‘piles’ can be difficult to handle but, can be predictably better sited than a ‘carbuncle’. Thankfully, Ely can boast some fine architectural heritage within East Anglia and beyond!

Michael from Ely Computers railroaded his way to Ely Station last week to catch a glimpse of the now famous Tornado A1 steam train as it pulled the Cathedral Express full of visitors into Ely. Whilst his day to day work takes him into the real and virtual worlds of IT Michael, has a real passion for the living, breathing bygone world of steam. We will track his progress as he goes ‘on-line’ in the future.

Are you in need of pampering? Pop along to Spa ely and see the range of Ortigia products all the way from sunny Sicily. Made with all natural ingredients and olive oil from the beautiful island, we also heard that Kate Moss is a big fan of these exquisite fragrances. Aah, the smell of bergamot in the morning!!!

Well, that sees the end of the ‘auditions’ for this week and we look forward at Your Ely to welcome the next batch of ‘class acts’ to enter stage left next week. Remember to slap on plenty of SPF factor as summer heats up in the Fens!