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What’s in a name? A few weeks ago a new heir to the throne was brought into the world and speculation mounted prior to and following the birth of the future monarch as to what the wee chap or chapess would be called. In reality, the chosen name can be disregarded by the royal incumbent and he can call himself ‘King Whateverhewantstobecalled’ when he ascends the throne. So look out for ‘King Tyrone’ coming to a throne near to you – not!

Ely itself, depending upon which scholarly path one follows has undergone several name changes for example, Bede referred to Elge which is not Latin. Subsequent Latin texts referred to our City as Elia, Eli or even Heli with a silent H. In Old English charters however, and in the Anglo-Saxon chronicle the spelling is usually Elig which down the centuries and at the risk of boring you the reader, has ended up as Ely via some Germanic and wait for it some Geordie (Northumbrian to be precise) derivations along the way! Lucky then we didn’t end up being called Way aye Ely!

One company living up to its name is Jolly Good Van Hire who, true to its name is currently helping with 2 of their vans to relocate families from Europe back to the Ely area.

Purbeck marble (a fossiliferous limestone) is a name to conjure with and has since Roman times been a ‘decorative building stone of choice’ to many a stonemason and in particular was used in the construction of Ely Cathedral as well as many other medieval Cathedrals. In keeping with this material, sculptor Tim Harrison has created some interesting shapes which can be seen nearby Ely Cathedral. Look out for them for a limited time only and be reassured they are not of an extra- terrestrial nature despite their appearance!

Meanwhile, at Page Fine Jewellery excitement has been growing since the arrival of their Autumn and Winter collections. A favourite new piece is the Tudor Court pendant from Clogau who were inspired by the intricate carvings evident on Anne Boleyn’s gateway within Hampton Court Palace. The whole collection features mother of pearl, silver and as is to be expected from Clogau a touch of rare Welsh gold.

Finally, The Atrium Club is currently running a competition for their members who check into ‘the Club’ using Facebook. Every time you check in to ‘the Club’ (unlimited number of times) you will be entered into a draw to win a choice of fantastic prizes including 3 personal training sessions, a course of sun beds, 6 free protein shakes (i.e. a drink not a movement!) or a gift of a month’s free membership which you can give to a friend to inspire them to become a permanent Atrium Club member!

What name will you choose when next in Ely?