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You can’t turn the TV on these days without being confronted by a tart or tarts. If it’s not some dear little old lady looking at a ‘soggy bottom’ then it’s some Adonis of a so called baker from Liverpool making eyes at some would be ‘bakerette’ who craves her 15 minutes of fame over a mountain of dough and a whisk! It’s that time of the year again ‘The Great English Cakes Off!’ Is it me or is there a glut of the increasingly ‘inane’ for our televisual delight? Everybody wants to be a chef these days. Big strapping lads in their Doc Martins no longer want to be behind a router or a chain saw no way, this lot prefer a pack of ‘hundreds and thousands’ and cup cake holders to shine their light to the cake stand of fame. Don’t get me wrong, I too like the odd dabble in the kitchen however, ask any professional chef what it’s really like and not to quote Gordon Ramsay in any way but, it is sheer ‘hell’! There you go, I’ve got that of my chest or in modern parlance “I as gotten that off of my chest!”

To view the photographs to which I refer in the following text please do not hesitate in visiting the Your ely Facebook site to view these great exhibits.

Good thing about Ely is that we have wider tastes among our populace for example it was not just at the Commonwealth Games where records were created and gold medals won; Rebecca Daniel became the first ever King’s Ely athlete to win gold medals in successive years at the National Prep Schools Athletics Championships in Birmingham running in the 800 metres. She also recorded a personal best time of 2.20.67. Congratulations to our King’s Ely golden girl Rebecca.

David Clark and his Team kindly sent us a photograph which celebrates the County Agricultural Show of 1887. This archway you may recognise was in Lynn Road. Photograph courtesy of Beth Lane, Cambridgeshire Community Archive Network. Ah, those were the days!

Thanks go to Michael at Ely Computers who spotted an old photograph showing Soham Station, photograph courtesy of Ann, Cambridgeshire Community Archive Network. The photograph is believed to have been taken in the 1930’s/early 40’s as the station was destroyed in 1944 when a train carrying munitions exploded. They talk today of this station possibly opening again; will the talk become reality I wonder?

The Team at Jolly Good Van Hire spotted a photograph of another interesting vehicle manufactured in Ely by James Graven, specialists in agricultural engineering. The company founded in 1860 exported all over the world particularly India. The traction engine which was pictured in Broad Street (1910 – 1930) comes courtesy of Pam Blakeman, Cambridgeshire Community Archive Network.

Sadly Broad Street seems a lot narrower these days compared to then however, you can’t have your cake and eat it can you!!!