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Welcome to YourEly

We welcome our businesses and community members – and we welcome all new visitors to our site who want to know more about YourEly.

I started this initiative because I truly love Ely, it is a beautiful and unique city with a wonderful community and fantastic local shops and businesses. I believe the key to their future success is to improve engagement and communication between them, and to adapt to meet changing consumer needs in our increasing digital world.

This became clear to me following discussions with my Spa ely clients. They told me that they felt the recent growth of Ely had diminished the connection between the community and business, and that because of their busy lives, they did not necessarily know what local businesses had to offer and conventional forms of advertising were not effective. They said that they would like a community group, which would serve as a business forum too.

I carried out vast research within the community which showed that the majority did not want a discount or random business listing forum. They were uninspired by directories and business listings. They wanted a forum that would showcase the best of what Ely has to offer and the diversity of all of our unique businesses. The business listings that exist display businesses but lack community following thus making them ineffective. They lack this community following because the community wants a forum that is interactive. They want to know who runs their local business, to make that connection, to be told about what they business has to offer in a creative way. It is vital for businesses today, to adapt to survive. YourEly will use its website, Twitter and Facebook to inform the community about their local businesses, about the people that run them, about promotions available and events planned by its business members.

Nine weeks ago I launched the Facebook and Twitter forums for The YourEly community. In this very short time the scale of the following has been unprecedented in Ely. We have 2000 community followers already, making YourEly the singularly biggest independent social media forum that exists. This without doubt sends a very strong message to the business community that the community of Ely wants the interactive concept that YourEly is offering. Gone is the old style pack them in high, free for all directories, they want to know that their local businesses have listened to how they wish to be communicated with!

Our concept is brand new and independently funded. YourEly is focused on being positive and hardworking for our city! We will listen to both the YourEly community and the business members ensuring that they get the best.

This is YourEly – please use it!

Caroline Bailey, founder